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A few words from some of our happy Sailors!

Whitehaven beach

The Tosh Family

We were very fortunate to have a second bareboating holiday with Whitsunday Escape in one year – this time on board the beautiful Aquila 44. We had a wonderful time and loved this boat with all its comfort, spaciousness and storage.

Armed with a bit more knowledge and experience than the first time, we loved this holiday even more. The sense of achievement you get once you are anchored or moored for the day, the freedom you feel when exploring the beautiful beaches and bush walks, the great snorkelling and the relaxing family bonding time at night are some of the highlights of the experience for us. The Whitsundays are truly a piece of paradise.

Whitsunday Escape staff were great during the booking process, at the briefing, answering our questions during our trip, and helping us refuel, etc on our arrival back at the marina. We can’t wait to do it all again and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Whitsunday Escape for your friendly and professional service!

-The Tosh Family

Family Holiday Whitehaven Charter Whtisunday Escape™

The Tosh Family

My husband and I and our 7 year old, 10 year old and two 19-year old’s spent 7 days aboard the Summerland 40 “Tiger Lily”.

We were anxious how we’d go as we were both complete novices but with the patient and very detailed briefing by Steve we were left confident that we could do it.

We visited Nara Inlet, Langford Island, Stonehaven, Butterfly Bay, Hamilton Island, Tongue Inlet, Chalkies Beach and Palm Bay (Long Island) and we loved every minute of our adventure.

We had a daily challenge of carefully planning our trip based on the weather forecast, watching for potential hazards on the way, then mooring or anchoring, but once we were done, we could enjoy an afternoon of pure bliss snorkelling and swimming in the turquoise waters of the Whitsundays, watching the sunset and enjoying full moon on two of the nights.

This was by far the best and most memorable holiday we have ever had and we are looking forward to doing it again next year. Thank you Whitsunday Escape for your professional and friendly manner of running your business and communicating with us, you have been wonderful!


SA: who chartered our Summerland 40 for the first time
Group Family Tickety Boo Catamaran Charter Whitsunday Escape™

Rinus & Friends

What a great Holiday on board of the Lagoon 40 from Whitsunday Escape.

After very useful instructions from the Staff, we set sail with our friends (4 couples) for a great trip around the Islands.

All went very smooth thanks to the backup and care from Whitsunday Escape.

Would definitely recommend Whitsunday Escape and I am confident we will return for another wonderful Holiday.

QLD: who chartererd our Lagoon 40 for the first time
Catamaran Sailing Holiday Group Fishing Friends Fun Adventure Whitsunday Escape™

Robert, Katrina & Friends

A week on ‘Sweet Escape’ was indeed a great escape into the wonders of the Whitsunday Islands.

Choosing to charter in early October gave us the advantage of gentler Northerly winds, so that we could anchor overnight in new (for us) south facing bays, like Chance Bay with its beautiful sandy beach for swimming.

A full moon at night gave us magical evenings while dinning and sipping.

Sweet Escape, a Leopard 43 catamaran provided comfortable accommodation for the crew couples each with their own cabin and toilet / shower. No problems with performance through the water, either sailing or motoring.

Being keen snorkelers we were happy to find good coral in Saba Bay and Mackerel Bay, new bays we had not visited before. Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet are always favourite day visits for crystal clear water for swimming.

The Whitsunday Escape  staff were helpful in making sure we ordered food and drinks from nearby Airlie Marina providers for easy delivery. The food quality and variety from Whitsunday Provisioning was excellent.

A most pleasant “escape” efficiently managed by the staff at Whitsunday Escape.

NSW: who chartered our Leopard 43 Sailing Catamaran for the second time
Seawind Sailing Cat Whitsunday Escape™

Joe & Friends

Just finished a truly wonderful 7 day (not enough time) Bareboat Charter trip around the Whitsundays with Whitsunday Escape with 21 people to celebrate a 60th birthday on 3 Sailing Catamarans, Tara (Lagoon 440), A Little Bit Nauti (Open 40) and Happy Cat (Seawind 1160).

Whitsunday Escape are now my new benchmark in customer service. What remarkable people that work there.

Seldom do you come across a company where everybody goes so far above and beyond in making the experience such a memorable one.

Don’t even think about speaking with anyone else in planning a Bareboat Charter in Whitsundays.

NSW: who chartered 3 sailing catamarans for the first time

Ian, Jenny & Friends

Hi Team

Finally got around to writing a review from our trip last month. Trust this is suitable. Photo attached.

Our week on Tickety Boo was our third charter in four years with Whitsunday Escape. This new Lagoon 40 was a delight to sail and the sights of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands never disappoint. The friendly staff are always a pleasure to deal with and help to make our holiday a memorable one.

Thanks again for a great week.

– Ian, Jenny and Friends


VIC: who chartered our Lagoon 40 for the first time

Ed & Friends

Hi team,

Just a quick note to say thank you for an amazing experience aboard Tickety Boo, the Lagoon 40.

Communication and information was first class and we will be sure to book again through Whitsunday Escape.


Ed & Friends

VIC: who chartered our Lagoon 40 for the first time

The Hope-Johnstone Family

Let’s not talk about the weather – that was outside their control but does mean that we must come back again some day – we missed the best that the Whitsundays had to offer. With that being said , everything else about this charter was overwhelmingly positive.

Starting with the yacht selection, there is enough to cater from couples to larger groups. The Seawind 1160 Lite was the perfect choice for a family with two young children. The price point is what it is, and competitive, the booking process is smooth and professionally supported. The pre- departure checks and range of add ons available gave us enough choice on what to bring, and what to have provided.

Once aboard we fell in love with the Wight Dog. Australian designed for the conditions and comfortable underneath especially on the rainy days. Tim gave us the benefit of his experience and knowledge, as well as the standard checklist and we felt well prepared for departure. The galley was well stocked, extra linen provided, the solar/batteries kept the two freezers and fridge cold the whole ten days. Our friends travelling in another boat were in the comfortable saloon every other night . She sailed nicely. We loved the “Wight Dog”. Plenty of extras like the esky , the snorkeling gear and sound system were much appreciated.

Whitsunday Escapes are a very professionally managed and run Company, from top to bottom, from the phone and email support, front office to the very patient and friendly Ops folks. I’m not sure about the quality of the competition and I’m unlikely to find out as I’ll be coming back to Whitsunday Escapes as soon as the bank account and the work roster will allow.

So… back to that weather, Whitsunday escapes were very accommodating and understanding as we had to modify our itinerary, arranged berths at short notice and helped us out with some unexpected gear breakages so that our charter will , despite the rain, be remembered with fond regard.

WA: who chartered our Seawind 1160 3 Lite for the first time

Johnny & Family

Just wanted to say that Whitsunday Escape exceeded my expectations.  The briefing went well, the boat was as described, and well equipped, and our week went extremely well.

We would not hesitate to use Whitsunday Escape again, should we return to the Whitsunday’s.

Thank you,

Johnny & Family

USA: who chartered our Leopard 40.1 for the first time
Leopard 43 Power Catamaran flybridge and foredeck door

Chris & Family

We had a great time on the Leopard 43 power cat and had great weather for our holiday! The family loved spending time on the beaches and relaxing on the boat. The daybed is an added luxury!

Chalkies beach was our number one spot and we even got to see dolphins at Whitehaven Beach.

Whitsunday Escape is the best charter company we’ve used and we’ve used many! We will definitely hire a boat with Whitsunday Escape again!

VIC - who chartered our: Leopard 43 Power for the 1st time

The Crosbie Family

Wow – I’m trying to find the right words to describe our holiday in the Whitsundays on board the sailing catamaran Tara.

Our family of 6 have never experienced a holiday like this and a week on, we are still trying to settle back into our normal city life.

Our floating hotel, Tara, was well equipped with everything we may need for the week. The cabins were much roomier than we expected, the beds comfortable and even with 4 wild kids on board she never felt cramped.

The best part of our holiday was that us adults actually got to relax – we didn’t have to find activities to keep the kids busy! They explored the bays and beaches in the dinghy, spent hours jumping off the boat into the water and enjoyed playing games and generally being kids. There was so much room that the kids could be doing what they wanted at the front of the boat while we relaxed with a glass of champagne and nibbles in the cockpit.

From the moment we enquired all the way through to checking out, the Whitsunday Escape staff were friendly, helpful and able to answer every one of my questions (and trust me, there were lots of questions!)

The memories will live with us for a lifetime and we can’t wait to start planning another trip to the Whitsundays. Don’t worry Whitsunday Escape, you haven’t seen the last of the Crosbie family.

The Crosbie Family

Emma & Friends

We had a fantastic week cruising the Whitsunday Islands on a Leopard 43 Power Catamaran.

The boat was amazing and the location just perfect.

The Staff at Whitsunday Escape could not be faulted from our initial reservation until the post cruise debrief. Jordan in particular was fantastic and really added to our holiday.

NSW - who chartered our: Leopard 43 Power for the 1st time
Whitsunday Escape Lagoon 450 Sailing Catamaran blue lights

Sue & family

Hi Julie and co.,

Back to earth in cold Melbourne for us.

I am so pleased we made the break to spend 7 days sailing – multiple reasons. All ‘win-win’! The immersion into totally different environment with one flight – tropical warm. Sunshine. Tick; very ready for it in our dull winter.

Plonked into something unfamiliar – and ‘handheld’ by skipper (and ground staff). Having a skipper made such a difference – able to optimize where we went, what to do and see. And such a lively bloke – like throwing a grenade into a trio of disengaged young ones. Good to think on our feet- to ‘be in the moment’ with a bold bloke. He helped give us a refreshing look at daily life; ‘choice A or B’, etc. Simplified things very much for us. A plethora of choices and options.

I was delighted about all the ‘black spots’ for TV and phone reception. That is an absolute bonus for a parent from the city. Let’s call it ‘enforced interaction’. Guess what – we had to interact in the ‘confine’ of a day on a boat! And we had plenty of space; luxurious and comfortable beyond what we expected. But we had to work as team/interact  for procedures, food, choice of activities,etc. (I tell you, much more effective than ponsy sessions with psychologists etc. to solve communication issues and disconnection that city folk often experience/develop. Being ‘singular’ is not possible.)

And joy. Pure joy – at the glow of sun waking in a new environment each day, distant hills (maybe), distant seas. So very calming. Nature at its best (and let’s hope it stays pristine as can be). The night stars. The balmy nights. Very invigorating.

Definitely hoping to be back some time. And will recommend ‘time out ’ like we experienced, as well worth any money. Even compared to overseas travel; no thoughts for foreign currency, passports, extensive airport time,etc.

I am sure I have forgotten some important things that resonated with me/us, but that is a ‘core’ of the pleasure we experienced and embraced. It was much more than I ever expected. Special thanks to Julie, and also ‘Rasputin’ (effervescent Luis)


Melbourne - who chartered our: Lagoon 450 for the 1st time
sunset reflection in Whitsunday Escape Seawind 1160 3 Lite sailing catamaran

Patricie & Jodi

74 magical islands that make up the Whitsundays, what better way than to charter your own 38 ft Seawind 1160 3 Lite catamaran named ‘Wight Dog” just the 2 of us and sailing away into the sunset!

We head off blue sky with slight breeze, the kind of day you only dream of!

Basking in the sunshine enjoying each other’s company while we sip on champagne and eat some of the best seafood, while listening to the water lapping on the side of the catamaran such a soothing sound. We both look at each other and without talking – “We are living the dream”.

As we pull into Nara Inlet we see a glorious rainbow that seemingly spans the entire bay, with a couple of boats looking as if they’re sailing right beneath it.

The fresh smell of coffee beans in the morning made us rise and really appreciate the beauty and spectacular sunrises and sunsets that shine between the hill tops of our majestic islands.

Swimming and spotting turtles and zipping around on our dinghy catching fish around Double Bay and Whitsunday Island.

The team at Whitsunday Escape one person who stands out and deserves so much praise for her dedication and hard work is Ashley who helped us with our booking. Ashley really is a shining star and goes above and beyond in her role. Tom was great too went through the briefing of the catamaran and also spent a few hours teaching us how to sail. We thank the entire team at Whitsunday Escape!

Queensland - who chartered our: Seawind 1160 3 Lite for the 1st time

James & Jenny

Dear all at Whitsunday Escape,

A note of thanks for making our wonderful week aboard Zig Zag possible.
We have sailed extensively across the Med and Caribbean and ZigZag rates as one of the best 35 footers we have chartered… she was the perfect size for a couple and well founded in every respect – a real pleasure to sail!

Aside from a great little boat, the service and support from the Whitsunday Escape team made for a stress-free holiday from the moment we stepped on board to the unfortunate time of reluctantly giving her back!

United Kingdom - who chartered our: Catalina 35 for the 1st time

Jeremy & Family

The trip was outstanding 🙂

So many adventures to be had amongst the Whitsunday Islands but still afford time to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

NSW - who chartered our: Scimitar 1010 for the 1st time
Easter Holiday in the Whitsundays

Matt & Family

I cannot say enough positive things about Whitsunday Escape. I took my family (wife and 2 kids – 6 and 4 years old) on a 7 night adventure that created memories that will last a life time.

We traveled from New York to visit the Whitsundays and all while choosing the correct boat (Tiger Lilly – 40ft power cat), the staff at WE were extremely knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. Everything was arranged and now all we had to do was get there. We traveled for 32 hours but finally made it and the welcome was overwhelming. They understood we were tired, the boat was moored close by in the Marina, the boat was in A1 condition and everything was perfect, even the weather was perfect. The next day at 7.30am our provisions arrived, all to the exact match of what we had ordered.

Our trainer or expert, also known as Shano, came on board at 8am to give us our overview – he was patient, understanding of the kids and filled us with confidence that we could drive the boat, navigate the islands and have an amazing experience. Each day was filled with new adventures that you just don’t see by going to any resort on earth and believe me, we have been to a fair few around the world.

At the end, all was perfect, we had a great time, experienced the boating life and will never look back. We can’t wait to go again. So much so that we are recommending this to all our friends, some of which have already booked their 2018 trip – which i am sure will be perfect. Keep up the great work Whitsunday Escape.

USA - who chartered our: Summerland 40 for the 1st time

Jeff, Ros & Friends

Guys – our holiday has come and gone. We had a wonderful time on Saba. I just want to say thank you to the whole team there for making it so easy.  The reservations team were wonderful. The operations team while we were out at sea were great – and we always felt you were close.

I want to say a special thanks to Jordan – who conducted our briefing. He really knew his stuff – and was patient and answered all of our questions. He is a real asset to your team.

Our crew of eight had been planning this adventure for 10 months – and in September this year, we finally set sail. We enjoyed 6 wonderful days aboard “Saba”.   The boat was fantastic, the weather was great and the staff at Whitsunday Escape could not have been more helpful.
We have memories to share with wonderful friends. We can highly recommend the whole experience.

QLD - who chartered our: Salina 48 for the 1st time

Cameron & Rebecca

We had a fantastic time, blessed with calm winds, flat seas, endless Kodak moments, whales breaching near and far and some life changing, great decisions.

Very comfortable stable vessel giving peace of mind, so you can appreciate beautiful place like the Whitsunday islands.

If your wondering …. Yes we will be back!!!!   Oh and #shesaidyes

QLD - who chartered our: Scimitar 1010 for the 1st time
Cricket on the beach Whitsunday style only by bareboat

Nathan & Friends

Hi Whitsunday Escape, we just returned from our trip on Katana and loved it.

These photos probably best sum up our trip, it was fantastic and we will be recommending Whitsunday Escape to our family & friends.

Hopefully we will see you again one day.

NSW - who chartered our: Leopard 40.1 for the 1st time

David & Denise

This was our second Whitsunday Escape holiday and again super relaxing and equally amazing. Just the two of us this time on Zig Zag a Catalina 35 which may not be the quickest boat in the fleet but super comfortable and well kept. We spent seven days sailing between anchorages hanging out at great spots – Butterfly bay, Stonehaven, Cid and Nara to name a f

This was our second Whitsunday Escape holiday and again super relaxing and equally amazing. Just the two of us this time on Zig Zag a Catalina 35 which may not be the quickest boat in the fleet but super comfortable and well kept. We spent seven days sailing between anchorages hanging out at great spots – Butterfly bay, Stonehaven, Cid and Nara to name a few. It was amazing to see the regeneration after the cyclone a few months earlier. The wild life was abundant with daily whale sightings. Watching these wonderful animals playing and breeching only a few hundred metres off the boat was awesome.

The sailing was great with 10 to 15 knot winds most days and even across the passage in 20 knot winds Zig Zag was comfortable with a couple of reefs in. Sunrise to ourselves at Hill inlet was amazing and well worth the rolly night in Tongue Bay. Finished our last day hanging out around the pool at Palm Bay and sailing back to base the next day we were farewelled by a pod of whales popping up 50 metres off our starboard. Be prepared to be forced to relax as you will at times lose reception. Whitsunday Escape were again super professional, helpful and friendly and ensured our holiday was relaxing and stress free. Highly recommend this holiday and Whitsunday Escape to facilitate it. Thanks again to all the gang at WE special mention to Ryan and Jason for briefings and Jordan for a big red button and turning us into MacGyver.

ew. It was amazing to see the regeneration after the cyclone a few months earlier. The wild life was abundant with daily whale sightings. Watching these wonderful animals playing and breeching only a few hundred metres off the boat was awesome.

The sailing was great with 10 to 15 knot winds most days and even across the passage in 20 knot winds Zig Zag was comfortable with a couple of reefs in. Sunrise to ourselves at Hill inlet was amazing and well worth the rolly night in Tongue Bay. Finished our last day hanging out around the pool at Palm Bay and sailing back to base the next day we were farewelled by a pod of whales popping up 50 metres off our starboard. Be prepared to be forced to relax as you will at times lose reception. Whitsunday Escape were again super professional, helpful and friendly and ensured our holiday was relaxing and stress free. Highly recommend this holiday and Whitsunday Escape to facilitate it. Thanks again to all the gang at WE special mention to Ryan and Jason for briefings and Jordan for a big red button and turning us into MacGyver.

VIC - who chartered our: Catalina 35 for the 1st time

Tom & Friends

Thanks for allowing us to charter Sunrush recently for 7 nights. It was our first charter in the Whitsundays and your professionalism made it easy and ultra enjoyable.

I was amazed how easy it was to explore the islands and your staff were highly supportive of our daily itinerary during our daily scheds.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in utilising your services again or indeed recommending them to potential guests.

Once again many thanks.

SA - who chartered our Jeanneau 50 for the 1st time

Julian & Friends

I just got back from a week on A Little Bit Naughty and wanted to pass on some feedback. I almost never do this and only do this because the experience was so exceptionally good, and had a couple of small elements which could be improved.

Firstly and most importantly, the induction by Jordan was EXCELLENT. This guy is a legend. He imparted information exceptionally well, while making the experience fun. He is perfect for this!

The boat was amazing, the organisation and communication was excellent and the food was brilliant. We were a mix of semi-experienced sailors and novices, and the experience was FANTASTIC!

ACT - who chartered our: Nautitech Open 40 for the 1st time
Relax you've learnt a holiday with Whitsunday Escape bareboat charters

Tracy & James

What an Awesome Holiday we had and a fantastic team looking after us.

A couple of novices arriving for their maiden voyage and your team gave us the confidence to endure all elements of our sea adventure.

After that it was 10 days of pure bliss and relaxation. Thank you to all the team

VIC - who chartered our: Seawind 1160 (3) for the 1st time

Chelsea & Friends

Hi team Whitsunday Escape,

I wanted to thank you for what was one of THE best holidays I have ever had.

It’s an understatement to say that we’ve enjoyed our bareboat charter with you. It was perfect and the only complaint we’ve had was that it was too short (we now understand the minimum 5-night charter!!). We would do it all over again in an instant and are already planning to return next year.

Your team was amazing to deal with and made our experience so enjoyable. We were a little nervous about the whole bareboating concept at first but Christina assured us that we would gain the necessary skills after our 1-day prep course and the sail guide. And upon departure, Ryan was a brilliant guide who made us feel very comfortable and relaxed and again assured us that we had all the necessary skills and that help was not far, should we run into trouble after all. At the end of our trip with Ryan, we knew we were ok and felt comfortable to sail Nordic Dream.

And a dream it was! Nordic Dream was incredibly comfortable and we had everything we needed (and more!). The cabins and bathrooms were extremely spacious and the entertaining area was huge! It’s a beautiful yacht! (Another understatement).

Thank you so, so much for introducing us to the bareboating concept. To be completely honest, I was always a bit doubtful about the ‘no experience, no license’ required but we were extremely comfortable with our skills after your team’s preparation and had no issues whatsoever. It was the best holiday and I can highly recommend it to everyone who likes being out on the water. I haven’t stopped talking about it (I think my colleagues and friends are sick of me by now but I might have already convinced some of them to give it a go!). It’s the most relaxing holiday and a great way to see the Whitsundays. We will be back, that’s for sure.

QLD - who chartered our: Nautitech Open 46 for the 1st time

Tony & Sue

Ahoy there Tim, Ash, Jordie and all the crew at Whitsunday Escape; a hearty Thank You for making our first bareboat charter so easy and enjoyable.

Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. We’ve set a bearing for Abell Point Marina and can’t wait to castaway on our next Whitsunday Escape.

NSW - who chartered our: Seawind 1160 (3) for the first time

Brian & Andrea

Our trip to the Whitsundays was really terrific – thanks to all the assistance we had at Whitsunday Escape. Everything was smooth despite the rough weather during our first two days. Our briefer Peter was enormously helpful, funny and witty. The food plan from Whitsunday Provisioning was very well organized, fresh and more than enough. Tim met us on our return and he also very laid back, professional and personable.

All in all we had a very memorable vacation and look forward to our next trip to the Whitsundays. We will certainly use your organization again. Thanks again for everything

USA - who chartered our: Bavaria 42 for the first time

Ash & Rosemary

Seven of us (dad, mum & five 20-somethings) had a fabulous seven days cruising the islands. Perfect weather (late Nov – early Dec). Thorough (and patient!) induction from the WE ops team. Reliable and useful scheds each day. We even enjoyed the 3-hour $1200 pre-embarkation provisioning shop.

The boat itself was just what we wanted: great to sail and no problem if your crew is a bit on the idle side – like mine 🙂 Lots of room to gather for fun – but also easy to find a spot to escape on your own for a while. Would recommend spending the first night on board in port to check on things. Looking forward to doing it all again. Thanks!

ACT - who chartered our: Leopard 42 for the first time

Rupert Spaetauf & Friends

Thank you for a tremendous sailing holiday you have provided us with.

Dealing with you was an exceptional experience right from the beginning, the friendly phone calls, the warm welcome at the marina and the detailed and fun briefing was the perfect start to a wonderful week of sailing on a very well equipped and maintained “R&R” in a truly blissful environment.

It was the second time chartering with you and most certainly not the last.

Taiwan - who chartered our: Lagoon 421 for the first time

Randall & Rachael

We had an awesome time cruising around the Whitsundays on the new Open 40 “A Little Bit Nauti” for 7 nights.

Although we had 4 teenagers with us, the boat didn’t feel crowded at all with plenty of areas inside and out to spread out and relax. The boat was well equipped with everything we needed and Jordan made the handover fun and interactive involving the kids.

This was our first time chartering with Whitsunday Escape and we will definitely be back again soon.

- QLD - who chartered our: Nautitech Open 40 for the first time

Bridgette & Paul

This is the second time in a few years that we’ve booked a sailing holiday with Whitsunday Escape and we’ve had an amazing trip both times!

The boats are clean and well equipped and the excellent service before, during and after is why we keep booking with Whitsunday Escape!

NSW - who chartered our: Seawind 1250 for the first time

John Ahern

We chartered Karma for 15 nights August 2016. Karma is a large comfortable boat, easy to handle and good fuel economy. As usual Whitsunday Escape staff are very helpful and make the experience hassle free. The owners of Karma provided a large selection of movies on a hard drive as a bonus. This was our seventh charter in the Whitsundays and we can highly recommend this boat and Whitsunday Escape.

NSW - who chartered our: Leopard 47 for the first time
Family sailing holiday in the Whitsundays Nara Inlet

Angelo Sassu

We had a wonderful trip and had the best time ever, I can’t wait for the next holiday with Whitsunday Escape. The vessel was very spacious, comfortable, it was very easy to sail and it is very stable.

ACT, who chartered our Leopard 40 for the first time
Lady L sailing catamaran in the Whitsunday Islands for hire

Ian, Paul, Yvette and Loren

From our first inquiry to the last of the administration, the Whitsunday Escape crew were absolutely fantastic.  They are very customer focused, helping us with a couple of tricky invoicing and timing things with no trouble at all.  Every time we called to check on something, they were helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the operation.  When came the time to take “Lady L III” out, she was ready for us and we enjoyed the first night in the marina to get used to her.  Tim’s briefing was outstanding – perfectly targeted to our knowledge and delivered in a great relaxed and friendly style (as was the debrief when we returned).  Our holiday was sensational and whenever we had a question, Whitsunday Escape was there on the radio with a helpful answer.  The boat was superb – she handled like a dream, she was well equipped with everything we needed, and she offered loads of space to spread out.  We have already recommended Whitsunday Escape to some of our friends, and will certainly return to them in the future.  Totally recommended from every perspective.

Melbourne, who chartered our Seawind 1250 for the first time

Jono Nevile

Thanks for your help too, you guys run a great service. I’m not going to Whitsundays this year as I don’t have the time, but next time I do, and if any of my friends want to go I will definitely recommend you guys first. Your hold policy is really fair, and your service is great. Your overnight in the harbour option is also a great service. You also do what you say you’re going to do which is very important. Thanks again for having us. Please pass my comments onto you entire team and esp. the management.


Unforgettable Holiday!

We reviewed a number of operators in the Whitsundays and from start to finish, the team’s help from Whitsunday Escape was exceptional. They navigated us through the different options of boats, were flexible to our needs on starting the journey, provided a comprehensive briefing and also gave us some great tips on where to go – we will use them for our next trip.

Adrian Bower, who chartered our: Seawind 1200 for the 1st time

Wendy Hammond

We thoroughly enjoyed our week on Alchemist. We had a lot of rain the week we were there, but it still felt special to be in and experience such a beautiful part of the world. We enjoyed some wonderful sailing, snorkelling and paddling, and would definitely recommend Whitsunday Escape to our family and friends. Your team were friendly and professional at all times. The attached photo was a special morning paddle for me . . . ahhh, the tranquility! I hope you enjoyed the “Favourites” chocolates we left in the fridge!

NSW - who chartered our: Seawind 1160 4 for the 1st time

Jason Dunn

Dear Whitsunday Escape crew, our crew Chris Merryfull, Melissa Miller, Mark and Giz Wilkinson and my wife Bronwen and I had the most amazing holiday aboard Aliara. I must admit we were slightly nervous, being in charge of such a large and beautiful vessel but your comprehensive training, back up support and easy to handle yacht made all of our worries dissolve away immediately. The beautiful waters of the Whitsundays gave us memories to treasure forever. We will definitely see you again, good luck with your wonderful business, happy sailing to all.

NSW - who chartered our: Leopard 42 for the 1st time

John Bellhouse

We chartered Lulu in October 2013. The experience was a real treat, with magical scenery, great weather and the whole thing really well managed by the staff at Whitsunday Escape. We unhesitatingly recommend the experience and this particular charter organisation.

Vic - who chartered our: Seawind 1000 XL for the 1st time

Paul Whitting