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Half Day Training Guide

You can hire a ‘training guide’ for half a day, a few days or the entire trip. It is perfect for those who wish to brush up on their boating or navigation skills or those whose crew may need a little more training.


Hiring a training guide is a fantastic way to get some extra training for your charter. Because it is conducted on your first day on the water, the training will be fresh in your minds and specific to the exact boat you are holidaying on. This option is designed to give those with some basic boating experience the extra confidence they need to enjoy a safe and happy bareboat chartering experience.


This option is also great for the more experienced skipper whose crew is inexperienced. Have one of our staff explain everything to your crew, to ensure they know exactly how to be of assistance to you out on the water.


Many of our guests book a training guide for half a day. The training happens after your boat briefing, the guide will carry out the training here at Airlie Beach where you can drop them back off at the marina and they will advise the best anchorage for the night with the current weather.

For guide rates, contact Whitsunday Escape. In order to avoid any delays at the commencement of your charter you should book the guide in advance.