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To insure or not…

When you come to the business end of booking a bareboating holiday with Whitsunday Escape, we will always recommend you take out a very specific travel insurance policy. The money spent on your holiday is a significant investment and travel insurance provides you with peace of mind in case of the unlikely, unfortunate and unforeseeable happens.

Why WE recommend this travel insurance policy?

Bareboating is a holiday like no other, so many years ago the local bareboat industry got together and designed a policy with QBE Insurance. The most notable differences in this policy are:

  1. It will cover your bond in case you are involved in an accident while the boat is in your care
  2. It will cover you in case of inclement weather (including cyclones, yes!)

… And of course the standard cover of cancelled flights, ill health and the kiddies are covered for free!

Whilst other policies may seem similar, they usually do not accept boat rentals as “rental vehicles” and therefore will not cover the charter fees, bonds and other associated costs of a bareboating holiday.

Food for thought:

How much is at stake if something does go wrong with my holiday plans? 
If you were to miss your holiday due to the unlikely, unfortunate and unforeseeable it is worth considering just how much is at stake. There are your charter fees, airfares, alternative accommodation (if it’s required), and possibly even food and drinks if they have been pre-ordered…it quickly adds up.

Whilst we can’t insure against this, the disappointment of a cancelled holiday is more than enough to deal with.

How much will it cost to insure the trip? 
The QBE Travel Insurance Policy we recommend is very affordable. It will equate to a tiny percentage of the total value of your holiday. As an indication, for every adult insured, it’s only $91* for a typical 7 night policy. Dependent children (under 24 years of age) are listed for free. We think it’s very much worth it!

*Prices current as at 28/2/18, for healthy adults under 70 years of age


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