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Thank you after Cyclone Debbie

Whitsunday Escape is officially back in business, and all future charters are going ahead as planned.

Whitsunday Escape would like to say a big thank you to all our customers who have been so understanding and supportive of us during this difficult time.

Some of the hurdles we have had to deal with during and after the cyclone were:

  • cancelled flights
  • no power or water
  • no phones, email or internet access at the office

In some cases our homes were without power for over 10 days, and drinking water was unavailable in all homes for 5-6 days. Not to mention the clean-up that was required everywhere. Some staff had moved onto our boats at the marina, as the boats were fully self-sufficient with power, hot showers and refrigeration.

To our team and suppliers, partners and last minute extra helpers, a simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t cover it. Without your dedication and hard work, three solid days of it before the cyclone, while you were also trying to secure your homes and prepare yourselves, we wouldn’t be in the fortunate position we are in today.

On a positive note, our fleet is back in action. You may have seen some devastating images on the news of boats dashed against rocks and sitting in carparks. Please rest assured that none of the images you have seen are of boats in our fleet. After only minor damage, our fleet is now fully operational, and we very much look forward to welcoming you for a charter in the near future.

As Michael Caine said:

“Be like a duck: calm on the surface but paddling like hell underneath”


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