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Why is everyone so rushed these days?

What happened to the idea of taking four weeks off work and going on a really long holiday?

Whether that was setting up camp in a caravan park somewhere, going on a roadtrip around the country, or just enjoying some time at home with the family.

We don’t seem to do that anymore! In fact people seem really hard pressed to allow themselves much more than a long weekend away these days.

It’s become important to be seen to be busy! Being too busy to have a life should not be regarded as a badge of honour.

A bareboating holiday is not a quick getaway. It’s not a long weekend. It’s not a couple of nights away from home. It’s a proper week long experience. Take time for yourself, lose yourself off the grid where there’s no internet connection, really immerse yourself in the experience. There’s so much to see and do out here, but maybe you just want to do nothing at all too. There’s no need to rush a bareboating holiday, it’s best enjoyed slowly and indulgently.

Want to go for a long walk on the beach? Go ahead. Want to have an afternoon nap in the shade? Me too! Got a stack of books on your ‘to read’ list that you never seem to get around to? Get stuck into them! Want to float around on a lilo in the water? Heavenly!

Recharge the batteries, switch off the mobile phone, rediscover yourself, reinvigorate the senses. Remember that life is about more than work!

While four weeks off might seem extreme in this day and age, one week shouldn’t be. Let yourself take a proper whole week off work. And by a proper whole week, we mean from Saturday one weekend to Sunday the next. It should add up to nine days in total – and for that you only need to take five days off work.

Everyone seems so caught up in work and life these days that they forget to actually live. They forget that they need some time out. They forget that the world will go on without them for a week.

Go on. You deserve a proper holiday.

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