10 Night Suggested Itinerary Northeast 10 – 15 knots - Whitsunday Escape™
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10 Night Suggested Itinerary Northeast 10 – 15 knots

Full Itinerary

Day 1 – Nara Inlet

Protected from all wind directions Nara Inlet on Hook Island provides a calm anchorage for your first night. You can take a short walk to the Aboriginal caves to learn about the local indigenous Ngaro people.

Day 2 – Stonehaven

Be sure to put the trolling line out as you may catch dinner on the way! Take care with navigation into Stonehaven due to the fringing reef and coral heads. There are plenty of moorings available, good snorkelling and great sunsets.

Day 3 – Langford Island to Blue Pearl Bay

The beach at Langford Island has access at most tides and moorings are available. Good snorkelling from the beach or explore the sand spit at low tide.

After lunch, head over to Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island. It is a fantastic spot to snorkel, go bush walking or relax and watch the sunset. It is a no fishing zone so fish can be quite tame and keep an eye out for the giant Maori Wrasse.

Day 4 – Saba Bay

Saba Bay on Hook Island is great to explore the beaches and spot the turtles. Excellent snorkelling on the fringing reefs. There are three beaches to choose from, giant clams to be found or explore the water caves in the eastern bay.

Day 5 – Cid Harbour

Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island, is a well protected anchorage. Explore the beach or fish the mangroves at high tide. For the adventurous, there is a big walk to the peak with amazing views – take water and your camera.

Day 6 – Hamilton Island

At Hamilton Island you can top up with water, drop off your garbage and restock. You can use the resort facilities for the day, do some activities and enjoy a restaurant meal.

You may anchor at Beach 25 for the night if you do not want to stay in the marina.

Day 7 – Plantation Bay

Plantation Bay on Lindeman Island is a pristine area that is seldom visited. Although the resort is closed, there are some great beaches to snorkel and bush walks to explore.

Day 8 – Chance Bay

Chance Bay on Whitsunday Island has two great beaches accessible at most tides. Snorkel the bay or take the bush walk over the hill to Whitehaven Beach (take water).

Day 9 – Whitehaven Beach to Macona Inlet

Cruise to Whitehaven Beach or around the corner to Tongue Point on Whitsunday Island (depending on the conditions) and drop anchor. Enjoy a swim, stretch your legs and take the bush walk to the Hill Inlet lookout for spectacular views… don’t forget your camera!
Macona Inlet on Hook Island is a very calm, protected anchorage in most wind conditions and you can explore the beaches.

Day 10 – Homestead Bay, Cid Island

Enjoy your last day at the scenic Homestead Bay on Cid island, the beach is seldom visited, it is accessible at nearly any tide and only 2 hours from base.