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The tides affect everything you do when cruising the Whitsunday Islands.

The approximate tidal range in the Whitsundays is from 1.3m at neap tides and to a 3.8 m at spring tides.

The tides create currents as they ebb and flow. The tides in the Whitsundays flood towards the south and ebb towards the north.

  • All boats are supplied with current tide tables.
  • Tide predictions are based on Shute Harbour. Slight differences in tidal times are experienced in other locations in the Whitsundays, but they are not significant.
  • When anchoring, you need to consider how much extra chain to let out in order to maintain a minimum of a four to one scope.
  • You also need to consider how much water you will have under the keel at low tide and if you have enough water around you, should the boat swing if the wind changes direction.
  • When taking the dinghy to the beach you need to consider whether you tie it high up the beach or anchor it in a few metres of water.
  • When passage planning, consider if the tidal currents help your progress and what, if any, is the effect of wind against tide on the sea conditions.

Download 2022 PDF Tide Table