Dinghy Operation Cautions - Whitsunday Escape™
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Dinghy Operation Cautions

Beware of the dinghys’ metal leading edge damaging the transoms when embarking or disembarking your boat. Best practice is to bring the dinghy alongside or in between the hulls on catamarans. When using the dinghy:

  • Ensure all equipment in the dinghy is secured.
  • Be careful that your outboard does not come into contact with the bottom, sand or coral when manoeuvring around shallow areas.
  • When going ashore, extra caution is needed to avoid damage from shallow coral or barnacle covered rocks.
  • Ensure when leaving your dinghy it will stay well clear of any dangers. (Damage caused by barnacle cuts or fishing hooks will hole the dinghy and it will have to return to base for repairs).



Do not leave the dinghy tied to any non-floating docks as the high tidal movements will damage the dinghy. Do not tie the dinghy to jetties at:

  • South Molle
  • Daydream Island
  • Long Island
  • Hook Island Observatory