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Snorkelling & Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is home to vast range marine animals, including whales, turtles, giant clams and clownfish.  With warm water all year round there are underwater experiences for the qualified scuba diver and the first time snorkeler. Whitsunday Escape provides snorkelling gear free of charge while scuba gear can be rented from the dive shop below our office.

Snorkelling & Diving Tips:

  • Plan your snorkelling when the tides are between 1m to 2m. More information on tides.
  • The waters to the north and east of Hook Island and east of Whitsunday Island have the clearest water.
  • For the first time snorkeler, select protected bays where you can snorkel straight from the beach.
  • For the scuba diver you could bring your own gear, rent it from the shop below our office or rendezvous with a dive boat that can supply all your gear and a guide. They also and have the option of taking beginners.
  • The onboard copy of the cruising guide of the “100 Magic Miles” lists dive sites.
  • Average sea water temperature ranges from 23o c in the winter months to 27oC in the summer months. Short wetsuits are useful for extended snorkelling or scuba diving in the winter.
  • Wetsuits are recommended for the summer months providing protection from jelly fish, coral scratches and sunburn.

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