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Long Island

Long Island Whitsunday island views

Long Island is great place to spend the night with numerous anchorages around the island.

The bays are good for snorkelling or head out for a SUP/kayak! There are several kilometres of bushwalks for those seeking to stretch their legs and explore the island.

Long Island is also home to three resorts, 2 of which are currently closed for renovations but the bays where these resorts are located are still accessible – moorings are available.

Palm Bay on Long Island (18+ only) is open and moorings can be booked for a fee and the amenities of the resort can then be used. See the button below for further information.

Nautical Information

Wind protection from

  • East
  • South East
  • South
  • South West

Hot Tip

Happy Bay is an excellent place for a SUP or a kayak!