Snorkelling in the Whitsundays - Whitsunday Escape™
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Check out our favourite snorkelling sites
Snorkelling Sites
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Interactive Map
Check out our favourite scuba diving sites
Scuba Sites

Snorkel all year around with average water temperatures of:
23oC in the winter months to
27oC in the summer months

Snorkelling equipment is supplied free of charge for everyone on board - including children

Experience marine wildlife up close and personal

Swim straight from the beach to the fringing coral reefs

Take the dinghy and anchor it on the beach or in the water beside your chosen snorkelling spot

If on a mooring and close enough to the coral, jump straight into the water from your boat and swim over to the reef

Wetsuits are useful for extended snorkelling or scuba diving in the winter and are great all year round to protect you from sunburn, coral scratches and stingers

If you don't want to get wet, experience the ocean from above

The best snorkelling sites are scattered throughout the North and Eastern anchorages as the visibility is usually better

Included snorkelling gear: mask, snorkel and fins.

Prescription masks and scuba dive equipment can be hired from the dive shop directly below our office for an additional fee.

A current scuba diving licence must be shown to hire scuba equipment.