240V Inverters - Whitsunday Escape™
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240V Invertors

All Whitsunday Escape bareboats have 240v and 300w inverters as standard equipment.

Inverter are useful if you do not have a 12v plug for your phone charger or if you need to charge camera batteries or laptops. The standard size, 300w inverter will supply enough power to run a small television and DVD player at the same time.

The inverters cannot power:

• Blenders
• Coffee machines
• hair dryer & hair straighteners … leave them at home and send the good looking crew to the fore-deck for 10 minutes and the sea breeze will take care of their hair.

Although laptops draw very little power they may not work on the inverters. The electrical signal to start up the inverter may not be sufficient and the sine-wave may not be correct, check the operation before departing the marina or leave your laptop at home for a digital detox.

Sleep Apnea Machines

Your sleep apnea machine will run off either 240v or 12v (12v is best on the boat).

We recommend that you bring a power lead that is around 6 metres in length to ensure that it reaches a power source.

Make sure you check that it is operating correctly before departing the marina.