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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are installed on all of the boats in the Whitsunday Escape fleet. All units will work when using the shore power at either Coral Sea or Hamilton Island marinas. Some boats have a generator fitted so they can use it when on the water, for details see the individual boat features.

The Whitsundays are within the trade wind belt, and as such are blessed with cool breezes. When at anchor or on a mooring the boats naturally face into the wind. Simply open the forward facing hatches to allow the breeze to flow through.

Whitsunday Escape has not promoted on the water air-conditioning. Feedback from our guests is that the noise of a generator running all night quickly outweighs any benefit from cold air.

In order to not overprice our boats for a feature that is unlikely to be used and to encourage our guests to save energy we charge a loading of $10 per hour for air-conditioning use on the water. During the last summer not one of our guests felt the need to make use of this feature. When at the marina the boats are not facing into the wind and often the marina is protected from prevailing winds. There is no charge for air-conditioning use in the marina as you can plug into the shore power.