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Chelsea & Friends

Hi team Whitsunday Escape,

I wanted to thank you for what was one of THE best holidays I have ever had.

It’s an understatement to say that we’ve enjoyed our bareboat charter with you. It was perfect and the only complaint we’ve had was that it was too short (we now understand the minimum 5-night charter!!). We would do it all over again in an instant and are already planning to return next year.

Your team was amazing to deal with and made our experience so enjoyable. We were a little nervous about the whole bareboating concept at first but Christina assured us that we would gain the necessary skills after our 1-day prep course and the sail guide. And upon departure, Ryan was a brilliant guide who made us feel very comfortable and relaxed and again assured us that we had all the necessary skills and that help was not far, should we run into trouble after all. At the end of our trip with Ryan, we knew we were ok and felt comfortable to sail Nordic Dream.

And a dream it was! Nordic Dream was incredibly comfortable and we had everything we needed (and more!). The cabins and bathrooms were extremely spacious and the entertaining area was huge! It’s a beautiful yacht! (Another understatement).

Thank you so, so much for introducing us to the bareboating concept. To be completely honest, I was always a bit doubtful about the ‘no experience, no license’ required but we were extremely comfortable with our skills after your team’s preparation and had no issues whatsoever. It was the best holiday and I can highly recommend it to everyone who likes being out on the water. I haven’t stopped talking about it (I think my colleagues and friends are sick of me by now but I might have already convinced some of them to give it a go!). It’s the most relaxing holiday and a great way to see the Whitsundays. We will be back, that’s for sure.