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Easter Holiday in the Whitsundays

Matt & Family

I cannot say enough positive things about Whitsunday Escape. I took my family (wife and 2 kids – 6 and 4 years old) on a 7 night adventure that created memories that will last a life time.

We traveled from New York to visit the Whitsundays and all while choosing the correct boat (Tiger Lilly – 40ft power cat), the staff at WE were extremely knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. Everything was arranged and now all we had to do was get there. We traveled for 32 hours but finally made it and the welcome was overwhelming. They understood we were tired, the boat was moored close by in the Marina, the boat was in A1 condition and everything was perfect, even the weather was perfect. The next day at 7.30am our provisions arrived, all to the exact match of what we had ordered.

Our trainer or expert, also known as Shano, came on board at 8am to give us our overview – he was patient, understanding of the kids and filled us with confidence that we could drive the boat, navigate the islands and have an amazing experience. Each day was filled with new adventures that you just don’t see by going to any resort on earth and believe me, we have been to a fair few around the world.

At the end, all was perfect, we had a great time, experienced the boating life and will never look back. We can’t wait to go again. So much so that we are recommending this to all our friends, some of which have already booked their 2018 trip – which i am sure will be perfect. Keep up the great work Whitsunday Escape.