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Sue & family

Hi Julie and co.,

Back to earth in cold Melbourne for us.

I am so pleased we made the break to spend 7 days sailing – multiple reasons. All ‘win-win’! The immersion into totally different environment with one flight – tropical warm. Sunshine. Tick; very ready for it in our dull winter.

Plonked into something unfamiliar – and ‘handheld’ by skipper (and ground staff). Having a skipper made such a difference – able to optimize where we went, what to do and see. And such a lively bloke – like throwing a grenade into a trio of disengaged young ones. Good to think on our feet- to ‘be in the moment’ with a bold bloke. He helped give us a refreshing look at daily life; ‘choice A or B’, etc. Simplified things very much for us. A plethora of choices and options.

I was delighted about all the ‘black spots’ for TV and phone reception. That is an absolute bonus for a parent from the city. Let’s call it ‘enforced interaction’. Guess what – we had to interact in the ‘confine’ of a day on a boat! And we had plenty of space; luxurious and comfortable beyond what we expected. But we had to work as team/interact  for procedures, food, choice of activities,etc. (I tell you, much more effective than ponsy sessions with psychologists etc. to solve communication issues and disconnection that city folk often experience/develop. Being ‘singular’ is not possible.)

And joy. Pure joy – at the glow of sun waking in a new environment each day, distant hills (maybe), distant seas. So very calming. Nature at its best (and let’s hope it stays pristine as can be). The night stars. The balmy nights. Very invigorating.

Definitely hoping to be back some time. And will recommend ‘time out ’ like we experienced, as well worth any money. Even compared to overseas travel; no thoughts for foreign currency, passports, extensive airport time,etc.

I am sure I have forgotten some important things that resonated with me/us, but that is a ‘core’ of the pleasure we experienced and embraced. It was much more than I ever expected. Special thanks to Julie, and also ‘Rasputin’ (effervescent Luis)