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Willem & Friends

We had a wonderful 10 days on board Great Escape {Lagoon 450 Flybridge} as a family of 8 adults and two infants in June 2021.
The boat was immaculate, obviously very well loved by Julie.

We hiked the Whitsunday peak, caught mackerel, had deserted coves to ourselves, snorkelled in amazing reefs, swam with turtles, wondered and wandered among at the million crabs on Hill inlet at low tide, sunbathed on the magnificent (even for us WA sandgropers) Whitehaven beach, paddle boarded over the local 9 foot groper at Whitehaven, and enjoyed many nights of feasting in serene anchorages.  Enclosed are a few snaps of our time.

Thankyou to WE for making this possible.  A great support team.  See you again soon.