Accessibility - Whitsunday Escape™
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Accessibility Statement

Here at Whitsunday Escape we are committed to providing suitable access for all of our guests wherever possible.

Guests are encouraged to discuss any special needs prior to booking, so that we can carefully consider any specific requirements, and advise on what boat might be best suited. Unfortunately we cant guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all needs.

Boat configurations are not practical for pram or wheelchair use whilst on board. When berthed at Coral Sea Marina, wheelchair accessible bathrooms are available as well as a ramp to the Whitsunday Escape Office and ramps down to the Marina arms. Whitsunday Escape can provide storage of these items whilst guests are out on charter.

Boat configurations do require some mobility whilst onboard. That said, everything is located within a relatively close proximity due to the nature of their layouts. Whitsunday Escape will provide personal assistance for any person with a disability, with boarding the boat, if required.

Small children and babies are welcomed, and Whitsunday Escape can assist with providing additional information on travelling safely on board our boats with young children.

Due to the Whitsunday Escape cruising area being within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, pre – approval for assistance dogs to accompany a guest needs to be sought prior to charter.  More information is provided via the QPS Website.

A sound understanding of the English language is required by the Skipper, for Whitsunday Escape to effectively communicate the initial safety briefing and daily Radio Calls whilst on charter.

Whitsunday Escape follows inclusive practices for groups and individuals aimed at building awareness so guests can escape with confidence.