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Our Team

The team at Whitsunday Escape are a close-knit bunch with a joint passion for their home – the Whitsundays – and providing an exceptional holiday experience to all that visit.

There are a number of departments supporting each other to deliver an exemplary product:



Available 7 days a week, they are the friendly voices on the phone at your first enquiry through to the warm smiles greeting you at check-in.

They will talk you through choosing the most suitable boat for your holiday to where to provision, they can answer any questions that you may have.

With a wealth of local area knowledge, helpful tips and of course the best deals to suit your group and experience, their aim is to ensure you have all the tools to plan your bareboat holiday.





Dock Team

The dock team will assist you from the start to finish of your time on the boat.

Bareboat Briefers will go over a thorough introduction of your boat and ensure you have all the hands-on skills and understanding to enjoy your holiday confidently and safely.

With a boatload of insider information on the best places to visit around the Whitsunday Islands, they will help you to plan the perfect itinerary for your adventure.

They will also be the ones to check in with you each morning on the radio and welcome you back after your charter.

Between charters, the dock team complete thorough checks and updates to ensure the fleet is maintained to a strict high standard.




The detailing team are the silent heroes – the ones you will rarely get to meet.

They work diligently behind the scenes and have a genuine love for making each boat sparkle, ready for you to make it home.









Our senior management team steers the ship, and provides daily customer and staff support at the same time.

Managing Director

Trevor Rees

Trevor has over 40 years’ experience in the marine tourism industry both nationally and internationally. He has been the Managing Director for over 20 years and is active in many community marine groups including being the president of the Whitsunday Bareboat Operators Association.

Trevor’s Story

General Manager

Jaclyn Watson

Jaclyn is passionate about the Whitsundays and has been a member of the team for nearly 13 years. With strong skills in relationship building and project management, she works hard at leading and empowering employees to meet the company’s expectations which are ultimately about providing the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ to Whitsunday Escape customers.

Operations Manager

Rhys Bradford

Rhys has been working in the Whitsunday marine tourism industry since 2015 and has been a dedicated team member with Whitsunday Escape since 2018. His extensive knowledge and ability to problem solve make him an excellent manager of the Operations team.

Assistant Operations Manager

Tim Pugh

Tim has been sailing the Whitsundays since 2013, and internationally since the age of 13. Tim’s passion and knowledge have made him an invaluable member of the team, respected by colleagues and customers alike, for nearly 7 years.