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Charts & Cruising Guides

Whitsunday Escape provides all the necessary navigational equipment you require to charter a bareboat in the Whitsundays

All boats are equipped with:

  • Chart Aus 252 – Hayman Island to Smith Island group
  • Chart Aus 825 – Whitsunday Island to Bowen
  • Charts Aus 254 – Plans of the Whitsunday Anchorages, which include detailed charts of Stonehaven anchorage and Fitzalan passage
  • 100 Magic Miles – current version
  • Whitsunday Escape Cruising Notes & Safety Management Plan
  • GPS Colour Plotter
  • Tide tables, parallel ruler and dividers

Charts provide you with the distances to be traveled and the hazards to avoid when cruising the Whitsundays. It is important that you know how to read them. Please use them for your passage planning.

100 Magic Miles Cruising Guide

The 100 Magic Miles Cruising Guide is known as the Whitsunday Bible. The book provides detailed and accurate descriptions of inlets, anchorages, resorts and surrounding reefs located within the Whitsunday Islands.

The 100 Magic Miles by David Colfelt provides detailed plans of all anchorages, aerial photos of the islands, information on resort facilities along with weather and marine park information.

The 100 Magic Miles is a great souvenir of your trip and very useful reading for your holiday planning.

Take a look at the Pre-Charter Kit for sale if you’re wanting to plan your charter and itinerary or to have a lovely souvenir of your holiday.

Pre-Charter Kit

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