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Approved Overnight Anchorage

Anchorages protected from all wind directions up to 35 knots

Hamilton IslandHamilton HarbourC22Inside Harbour (Booking required)
Hook IslandMacona InletC10a1, 2 (Caution, extensive reef)
Hook IslandNara Inlet C10b1, 2, 3 (Room for only 4-6 boats in Refuge Bay , extensive reef)
Whitsunday IslandGulnare InletC201. May only enter on a rising tide
Long IslandPalm BayC 4Inside Lagoon (booking required)
MainlandAbel PtC1Inside marina

Anchorages protected from the North and North-Easterlies

Daydream IslandMooring outside MarinaC8Moorings only (Booking required) N/NE winds up to 20 knts
Whitsunday IslandBeach 25C202
Whitsunday IslandChance BayC251, 2 (caution extensive reef)
Whitsunday IslandTurtle BayC241, 2, 3, 4
Whitsunday IslandDugong InletC193
Hook IslandMackerel BayC14/154 (uncomfortable over 15 knots)
Hook IslandSaba BayC14/156 (caution extensive reef)
Hook IslandStonehavenC121, 2 in N/E only
Lindeman IslandPlantation BayS21
Shaw IslandBillbob BayS34, 5 (vessel survey may not allow)
Shaw IslandNeck BayS32 N/E winds only
Shaw IslandS31, 2 N/E winds only
Thomas IslandAnchorage 2S63 (vessel survey may not allow)

Anchorages protected from the South and South-Easterlies

Border IslandCateran BayC291 Moorings or anchorage (uncomfortable in winds over 20 knts)
Daydream IslandDaydream MooringsC8Moorings only (Booking required) Light SE winds up to 15 knots
Haslewood IslandChalkie’s BeachC262 Deep and difficult to anchor
Haslewood IslandWindy BayC313
Hayman IslandBlue Pearl BayC13b2 (caution deep anchorage) or on moorings
Hook IslandButterfly BayC14/152 or on moorings
Hook IslandMaureen’s CoveC14/153 or on moorings
Hook IslandObservatoryC171 Only anchor well west of the observatory jetty
Hook IslandStonehavenC121 or on moorings
2 or on moorings
3 Best in strong winds
Lindeman IslandBoat PortS13 Light conditions
Lindeman IslandGap BeachS15 (ok up to 15 to 20 knots)
Long IslandHappy BayC41 or on moorings
Long IslandPalm Bay ResortC4Moorings only, booking essential
MainlandDouble Bay WestN122
MainlandDouble Bay EastN131, 2 (caution reef)
MainlandFunnel BayC21, 2 (shallow in areas)
MainlandWoodwark BayN141, 2, 3
MainlandAirlie BeachC11, 2, 3 & Whitsunday Escape moorings usually available outside marina (contact office)
Shaw IslandBurning PointS33
Shaw IslandNeck BayS22 (strong current)
South Molle IslandBauer Bay (Resort)C9a1 Eastern side of the jetty
Moorings available
Whitsunday IslandCid HarbourC191, 2
Whitsunday IslandMays BayC181
Whitsunday IslandTongue BayC271 or on moorings (caution beach access not possible at low tide)
Whitsunday IslandApostle BayC28May have side swell
Whitsunday IslandWhitehaven BeachC261
Whitsunday IslandBeach 25C202 Shallow close inshore


Further anchorages and moorings available for daytime light weather conditions only

Black IslandC12Moorings only (Caution Reef)
Esk IslandC27Moorings only
Dumbell IslandC29Moorings only
Henning IslandC20Moorings only
Langford ReefC12Moorings or anchorage (caution reef is close to moorings)
Hook IslandFalse NaraC11Moorings only
(Caution Reef)
Hook IslandCurlew BeachC10Anchorage only
Hook IslandManta Ray BayC14/15Moorings ONLY (Caution some moorings are for dinghies only and are in shallow water).
Hook IslandPinnacle BayC14/15Moorings only
Hook IslandLuncheon BayC14/15Moorings only
Hazelwood IslandKatie’s CoveC26Anchorage only (shallow areas)
Maher IslandWest Side onlyS2Light conditions only
Whitsunday IslandBetty’s BeachC27Anchor Outside Hill Inlet
Whitsunday IslandWhitehaven BeachC27Anchor anywhere along beach