Pre-Charter Briefing - Whitsunday Escape
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Pre-Charter Briefing

To ensure charterers are ready and able to enjoy a safe and fun sailing holiday, Whitsunday Escape conducts a very thorough pre-charter briefing. The briefing is a compulsory part of the bareboat hire process and takes around 3-4 hours depending on the boat hirer’s experience. The cost of the briefing is included in your charter fee.


Before you leave the marina you will be thoroughly briefed on:

  • the boat and its systems
  • the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park rules


You will be asked to demonstrate your navigation and boat handling skills.

Even seasoned boat enthusiasts are required to undergo the briefing session. Whether you’re experienced in chartering or new to renting a catamaran or bareboat, everyone must complete the briefing. We need to demonstrate the unique features and characteristics of each boat, as well as how to sail it. We will give you local advice on places to visit with the current weather and wind forecast in mind, and what conditions can be expected in certain locations. We will also conduct an inventory and equipment check with you, to ensure everything is on board, in place and in good working order before you depart.

Your briefing can start as early as 8am, so we recommend arriving to our Airlie Beach base the afternoon prior to commencing your charter and taking up the ‘Stay Aboard’ option. Our intention is to have you fully briefed and underway by midday, which is your official charter start time.

The skipper plus one crew member must be present at the briefing. All crew members are welcome to participate.

Please ensure all errands and shopping are completed before your briefing as we have allocated a staff member to attend to you from the nominated briefing time. Delays may result in you being unable to leave the marina on your first day, and incurring additional marina berthing fees.

The briefing is completed out on the water. About ¾ way though the briefing the boat will depart from the marina and not return. All crew will have to be on board and ready to depart at this time. If any crew members are not participating in the briefing, please check timing requirements with your briefer before leaving the boat.

Extra hands-on training with a ‘Training Guide’ is available by prior arrangement, and this may be suggested by our team during your enquiry and confirmation process. Up to 4 hours of extra time can be booked at a low hourly rate, to give you and your crew more confidence. This extra training generally takes place between 12-4pm, and you will spend the first night either in the marina, or anchored very close to Airlie Beach, depending on the weather conditions.


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