Butterfly Bay, Hook Island - Whitsunday Escape
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Butterfly Bay, Hook Island

Chalkies Beach Moorings

Butterfly Bay is a local favourite for its excellent snorkeling and diving, protection from most wind conditions and namesake butterfly habitants found on the bay’s beach at certain times of the year.

Butterfly Bay is a Marine National Park Green Zone. As such it offers:

  • snorkelling
  • diving
  • abundant marine life (in both shallows and at depth)
  • wonderful birdlife

With its great protection from the south/south east winds and vast marine, butterfly and bird life, all easily accessible from the beach or off your boat, you may find yourself spending an extra night or two here to explore this diverse bay.

Nautical Information

Wind protection from every direction except North.
Current can be quite strong in the passage between Hook & Hayman Islands
Ensure a good lookout at the bow of the vessel as there are many submerged isolated coral heads and reef at the entrance. Free moorings available.


Hot Tip

Go ashore and have the camera ready to catch a shot of the butterflies landing on the kids.

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