Hamilton Island - Whitsunday Escape
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Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island Passage Peak

Hamilton Island is the largest resort in the Whitsundays and is essentially a community of its own, on an island. For a small marina fee, you can berth in the marina overnight and make use of the resort facilities. Fabulous if you need to restock your vessel with food and drinks, or if you want to enjoy a restaurant meal and some pampering on land. The resort has several pools that you are allowed to use, so bring your swimmers and a towel.

Island Facilities include

  • Bakery,
  • Restaurants,
  • Bottleshop,
  • Boutiques,
  • Small supermarket,
  • Pharmacy
  • Bars and clubs,
  • Day spa,
  • Wildlife park,
  • Lots of activities at varying costs.

Nautical Information

Protected from all wind directions.
Be careful when entering/exiting marina as it is a very busy small harbour with a narrow inlet channel.
Current can be quite strong between Hamilton & Dent Islands.
Extensive reefs surround all approaching islands take care with navigation

Hot Tip

Every afternoon at around 4pm, a bar at the lookout at One Tree Hill opens up for sunset drinks and cocktails. You can BYO a cheese platter and set up camp on one of the picnic tables, or just on the rock wall nearby and enjoy the spectacular sunset views.


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