Pinnacle Bay - Whitsunday Escape
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Pinnacle Bay, Hook Island

Pinnacle Bay is situated at the northernmost tip of Hook Island and is often overlooked but it is well worth a visit.
There is a small old lighthouse on one point which provides an interesting climb with nice views from the top. ‘The Woodpile’, which is a volcanic dyke, is on the other point and provides interesting photo opportunities as it looks like a large stack of logs. The waters of the bay are generally very clear and there is good snorkeling and diving.

Pinnacle Bay is a Marine National Park Green Zone. As such it offers:
• Sea Eagle nests
• Abundant marine life
• Pristine coral

Nautical Information

Wind Protection from:

  • South West
  • South
  • South East

Two moorings available and anchoring is prohibited. Light weather conditions only for overnight stays.

Hot Tip

Stretch your legs and head to the Lighthouse or the Woodpile for unique photo opportunities.

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