Saba Bay, Hook Island - Whitsunday Escape
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Saba Bay, Hook Island

This bay is not often visited as it is exposed to the south east winds most of the year.

In the right conditions it offers:

  • great snorkelling
  • pristine coral reefs
  • fishing and kayaking

Saba Bay has a number of beaches, most are accessible at mid-tide. The east most bay has caves that can be explored during high tide.

Nautical Information

Wind Protection only from.

  • North
  • West
  • South West

Keep a good lookout at front of vessel- caution required as you approach due to the coral reefs.


Hot Tip

There are plenty of turtles around and see if you find the giant clams in around 2m – 4m of water. At high tide, explore the caves in the east most bay for some excellent photo opportunities.

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