Stonehaven, Hook Island - Whitsunday Escape
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Stonehaven, Hook Island

Stonehaven Bay anchorage for Whitsunday Escape bareboat charters

Stonehaven is a beautiful anchorage popular with Whitsunday boaties due to its close proximity to some of the Whitsundays best snorkeling and diving spots. Other benefits of this bay include:

  • three bays to choose from for anchoring overnight
  • amazing sunsets
  • good snorkelling from any of the bays
  • fishing

There are free moorings available.

Nautical Information

Wind Protection from:

  • North East
  • East
  • South East

Keep a good lookout at the front of vessel as there are isolated coral heads scattered and fringing reefs. Best to enter before 3pm due to the angle of the sun. Some bays may not be accessible at low tide due to fringing reef. Free moorings available.


Hot Tip

Grab your snorkel, jump in the tender and go explore the coral and marine life.

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