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8 Things to consider when you choose a bareboat for a holiday

The first time you come to enquire about a bareboat holiday you might discover that there are over 130 boats to choose from, with wildly differing prices and features. So how do you compare them to find the right one for you?

The experts at Whitsunday Escape bareboat charters have put together 8 factors you should look at to compare bareboats:

  1. Beds
    Aside from the obvious number of cabins, how big are those beds? Will tall people be comfortable? Do you climb in from the foot of the bed, climb in from the side, or do you have access on both sides? Is there a single cabin inside a double cabin, and does it have separate access or do you have to climb over the double bed to get into it? Is there room to sleep another couple or single in the saloon too? Aside from the total number permitted on this boat, how many would be comfortable?
  2. Kitchen
    Is the kitchen (aka galley) up or down? Does it have an oven, microwave, 2-3 burner hotplate? How much fridge and freezer space is there? Does it have an esky too? If the galley is up, how much saloon space (living area) is there? What about extras like a BBQ, and for power boats, is there an extra fridge or esky upstairs in the flybridge?
  3. Age
    How old is the boat? Is it considered luxury, mid-range, budget? There are sometimes boats in different fleets that appear to be the same or similar model, but the age and features can vary.
  4. Bond/waiver
    Do you have to pay a non-refundable bond waiver fee, regardless of whether you take good care of the boat or not? It is often cheaper and provides better protection to opt for the full security bond, and then take travel insurance to cover it, than to pay a bond waiver fee.
  5. Water and fuel capacity
    How much water and fuel does the boat carry? As a rule of thumb all boats are fuelled up with enough fuel to last a 7 day charter. Water capacity can vary greatly though, and it can make a difference with how many people you are bringing too. Work out how many litres per person per day that boat carries in fresh water. You will be using this water for cooking and washing up too, so the rule is always to keep showers short!
  6. Sail features/gadgets
    All bareboats have one thing on common – they’re all set up for cruising and single-handed sailing. This means they have one mainsail and one headsail only (no spinnaker), and all lines run to the cockpit. In addition to this, what other features, gadgets and toys does the boat offer for performance? Some have an in-mast furling main, others have all electronic winches and halyards, one wheel or two, does it have a flybridge, an internal/external helm station, or both?
  7. Available dates/season specials
    Check to make sure you can get your preferred boat for the right dates, and see what season specials or discounts might be applicable. You should find this information on each company’s website, and may have to call for availability if an online calendar is not available.
  8. Extras
    What extras does each boat and company offer? Are there fishing rod holders? Does the company offer the option to stay aboard the boat the night before your charter begins so you can get organised, and at what price? Does the boat have an inverter to charge devices?  Is provisioning available? Kayaks, SUPs, fishing gear, esky hire?

Now you know what factors to compare when choosing a bareboat yacht or catamaran to hire. If you would like to talk to an expert, give the team at Whitsunday Escape a call and have a chat about what you want, and we’ll pick the best boats to suit your needs.

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