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8 things to do without watching TV when you go bareboating

Or “Oh no! The TV doesn’t work out here!”

That’s right, there’s no TV reception around most of the islands of the Whitsundays, because they are uninhabited. While this may alarm some, we can think of plenty of things to do of an evening on a bareboat charter instead of watching TV.

Firstly, your boat will have a TV on board. The idea is you can watch DVDs on the inbuilt DVD player, and in most cases, you can bring a hard drive or USB and watch movies. (Please check with us about whether your boat has accessible USB ports!)

Other things to do on a boat apart from watch TV:

  1. Board games
    What’s your favourite board game? Bring it! If you haven’t heard of it before, a crowd favourite is ‘Cranium’ because it has something for everyone. It’s never the same game twice, and there are so many categories that everyone will find their strengths.
  2. Card games
    Whether you bring a normal deck of cards or something more exciting (think: Cards Against Humanity for some serious adults only laughter) there are endless options for card games for big or small groups.
  3. Charades
    Didn’t bring something? Make something up! Good old-fashioned charades is good for big groups, as is ‘20 Questions’. Tech it up: download a charades game like ‘Heads Up’ for your iphone/ipad and laughs are guaranteed.
  4. Read a book
    When was the last time you let yourself sit back and relax with a good book or your favourite magazine? Bring a supply of reading material and kick back and relax.
  5. Colouring in
    Not just for kids! Here’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in the latest mindfulness activity for adults. Bring an adults colouring book and a good quality set of pencils or textas.
  6. Get creative
    Are you an aspiring writer or artist? Grab a pad and pen and see if the Whitsundays inspires your first novel. Maybe the glorious colours of the Whitsunday water will inspire the painter in you. Sketch up some scenes and let your creative juices flow.
  7. Night fishing
    First, check that you are in an area where fishing is permitted, and try your hand at squid fishing. You’ll need a light to shine into the water – a torch works, and some boats have a blue light or another light pointed directly at the water at the back of the boat too. When you hire a fishing rod & tackle box from us, there is a squid jig included.
  8. Talk
    We don’t need to give you any tips here. Many charterers have managed to solve all the world’s problems over a tasty beverage (or three!) on a quiet night amongst the solitude of the islands. If only they could remember the solutions when they get home!