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David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an icon visible from space, the world’s largest living structure. Here in the Whitsundays, we are lucky enough to be just a few short mile from this beautiful wonder of nature.

David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef documentaryThe inimitable Sir David Attenborough’s incredible documentary, Great Barrier Reef, airs this weekend and next, on 10 & 17 April 2016 on ABC.

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If you’ve ever been fascinated by the Great Barrier Reef, the corals, the fish, the marine life, then this is an unmissable show.

The team at Whitsunday Escape will be watching with relish, and you should too!

When you charter a bareboat in the Whitsundays, you get to explore the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and experience its wonders. Come see the reef for yourself in the Whitsundays this year. The waters you cruise in are within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and home to some of the most extraordinary coral reefs you will ever see. The fish life is abundant and the coral is thriving. A skipper yourself bareboat charter is the most unique opportunity you will ever get too explore the reef at your own, self-guided pace.

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