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Famous faces love bareboating

Whitsunday Escape has welcomed some well known faces in 2015. A bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays has broad appeal.

Getting away from it all certainly appeals to lots of people, but the privacy and freedom of a bareboat charter is very attractive to those who sometimes get a little more public scrutiny than others!A few of Whitsunday Escape’s famous bareboating visitors this year have included:

Whitsunday-Escape-bareboating-team-and-Peter-Greste-smallPeter Greste & family

Peter Greste is quoted as having said that the one thing that kept him strong whilst unlawfully imprisoned in Egypt for 14 months was the memory of a bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays with his family.

Top priority on the list after Peter’s release, was for the Whitsunday bareboating industry to invite Peter and his family to come and enjoy some much needed freedom and family time to rekindle and regroup and appreciate the important things in life.

As one of three brothers, when the family travels, it’s a big group affair! With two boats accommodating 12 members of the Greste family, they set sail for the ultimate freedom of a Whitsunday bareboating holiday.

“Often in prison I’d let my mind drift to a place that felt free. More often than not, it was on board a yacht with the wind and the spray in my face, tacking up the Whitsunday Passage. It was both extraordinary and slightly surreal to finally be there with my family, away from the pressures and distractions of every-day life. I’d like to thank both Whitsunday Escape and Charter Yachts Australia for so generously helping to put the real wind into our sails, and for helping the family reconnect after such a long, difficult ordeal.” Peter said.

Ben-Dark-and-family-Paula-Digger-Daisy-smallBen Dark & family

Getaway TV show presenter Ben Dark gets to travel the world and get paid for it. So what does a paid travel reporter with many peoples’ dream job do for his own holidays?

A bareboating holiday of course!

Ben and his family, and another family of friends took two boats from Airlie Beach and explored the Whitsundays for a week this spring.



Chris Parsons

Queensland Weekender and Great South East TV travel show present Chris Parsons has signed on as the official ambassador for #gobareboating.

Having extensively travelled throughout Queensland and the Whitsundays, there was something that was always high on Chris’ list to do, and that was bareboating. Chris recently experienced his first of many self skippered bareboating holidays with Whitsunday Escape, and has thoroughly got the bug.

It’s not every day you hear a travel show reporter say that something is “the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Dan-Jac-Hayden-smallDan Churchill & Hayden Quinn

The cool, calm, easy lifestyle of a bareboating holiday is a big change from the hot temperature and high pressure of the Masterchef kitchen. Dan & Hayden, both Masterchef alumni, spent a few days lazing around the islands of the Whitsundays on a bareboat, filming for their new TV show, Surfin’ the Menu, The Next Generation, the TV show made famous by celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

The boys enjoyed some SUP time too, and were quite interested in the Whitsunday SUP Challenge taking place in May right here in the Whitsundays.


Ash-Walsh-top-left-and-Scott-Pye-top-2nd-from-right-V8-supercar-drivers-2-copy-800x533Ash Walsh & Scott Pye

Racing V8 supercars is stressful work! Luckily, Ash and Scott had some time off after the Townsville V8s this year to enjoy a relaxing bareboating holiday with friends and partners on board a Seawind catamaran in the Whitsundays.

Used to driving at incredibly fast speeds, the slow pace of 6-7 knots of a sail cat was a big change for these two speed demons.




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