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Fun family games to play while sailing the Whitsundays

Bareboat sailing holidays in the Whitsundays are all about reconnecting and enjoying some quality time together. Whether your kids are young or old, they’ll love the variety of experiences a bareboating holiday offers, and kids of all ages are welcome.

While you will spend so much of your daylight hours in the water, on the beaches, exploring the islands, each night you will come back to the boat for dinner and some family time together. All our boats do have a Digital TV with USB connection too, so you can bring your own hard drive and watch a movie, but this is a great time to play some fun family games too.

Just in case all the sailing and other day time activities haven’t exhausted the kids, and they’re not ready for bed right after dinner, here are some awesome game ideas to play on the boat as a family together.

Download these in advance and you can play most of them without an internet connection.


Games for the tablet/phone

Party Charades

Great laughs with this game everyone should be familiar with, as players act out a word, movie or famous person on the screen for one person to guess.

Get Party Charades for iPhone


Panda, Guess the Word for Kids

A kid-friendly version of charades with easier questions to guess.
Get Guess the Word for Kids for iPhone



Ellen’s latest game is like the traditional game Balderdash. Make up fake answers to real trivia questions. Get points for guessing the right answer, and for every other play that you psych into choosing your fake answer.

Get Psych for iPhone


What Would You Choose?

A great conversation starter, this game presents you with 2 unusual choices to choose between.
Get What Would You Choose for iPhone


Pass It On 

Like Pictionary meets Chinese Whispers, this multiple player drawing game alternates between drawing and guessing, until the last person ends up with something that may or may not be anything close to the original word.

Get Pass It On for iPhone



Off Limits

Similar to the classic card game Taboo, you have to describe a word without using a further set of key words that might give it away too easily. Or describe words using fewer and fewer words until you are using no words at all.

Get Off Limits for iPhone



Not a game in itself, but an app for keeping track of everyone’s score when you are playing other games.

Get ScoreApp for iPhone



Does the boat have charging points for phones and tablets?

Yes! There are numerous ports for charging. If you have a 12V car charger, bring that along, but you will also be able to plug in a USB or a regular 240V wall plug as well.


What about games that don’t involve a tablet/phone?

  • Old-fashioned charades
  • 20 Questions
  • Celebrity cead
  • Cards: byo cards for easy games like gin rummy, or teach the kids harder games like bridge or 500
  • Make your own bingo cards. Add things like: catamaran, yacht, power boat, tinny, cruise ship, ferry, dolphin, batfish, butterfly, snorkel, marina, coral, driftwood, whale, seagull, cockatoo, heron, anchor, dinghy, etc.

Our local supermarkets and discount variety stores will have a selection of small games and activity books you could buy if you feel so inclined. There are discount stores near Coles and the Cannonvale Woolworths.


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