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You need longer than 3 days to go bareboating

3 days is not enough to go bareboating…

Bareboating is a leisurely holiday, not a quick weekend away. We want you to come back relaxed, happy and satisfied that you experienced everything you wanted to during your time on the water.

The cruising area you have to explore is so big and so diverse, that you can literally spend weeks exploring it; even then you won’t be able to see and do it all. We have many regular customers who return year after year and have a different holiday every time.

We look after you

Before sending you on your way, we take the time to thoroughly show you over all the workings of your boat. We also teach you about the area you can explore, help you plan an itinerary and give you some hot tips on which places are going to be best to visit with the current weather forecast in mind.

This does take some time (about 4 hours) and it gives you the confidence to be mostly self-sufficient for the rest of your bareboating holiday (don’t worry you are never totally alone – we are just a radio call away should you need a little assistance). So, if you start a briefing first thing in the morning you can expect to be on your way by lunch time.

Distances and travel times

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to get from our base across the passage to where most of the islands are. It is good to understand that you need to be anchored for the night by 4pm due to failing light after this time, and insurance restrictions. This also works out well to be settled in time for ‘happy hour’ on board your boat.

On your last day you do need to be back by 10am, which gives you time to say your goodbyes and head back home to reality…

We have lots of helpful tips to maximise your time on the water for example anchoring on the western side of the islands, like Cid Harbour, on your last night will allow for ‘smooth sailing’ (pardon the pun) on your last morning back to base.

Some favourite locations, like Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, may be a little further afield on the eastern side of the islands and should be explored on the middle days of charter… and if you only have 3 days, you aren’t left with much time at all to fit everything in.


What can I do in 7-10 days?

There is so much to see and do! It’s not hard to fill a week or two with a new location every day, or perhaps a favourite spot draws you in for two nights. Each anchorage, cove, beach or island has different experiences on offer. Some are perfect for snorkelling, others provide water as flat as ‘glass’ on which to kayak or SUP. There are stunning bushwalks and beautiful beaches hidden away all waiting to be explored.

We are always happy to guide you, and we are on the radio each day should you feel a little unsure of the conditions.

Here are some suggested itineraries* to whet your appetite for a 7-10 night charter with Whitsunday Escape… or you can plan your own!

7 night itinerary, when the winds are blowing from the North East

Whitsunday Escape bareboat charter itinerary

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10 night itinerary, when the winds are blowing from the South East

Whitsunday Escape bareboat charter itinerary

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*These are weather dependent, and it may be best to visit the anchorages in a different order.


How to maximise your holiday time

We do understand the crazy paced world we live in (all the more reason to take some serious “time-out”), but with a little clever planning you can get a 9 day holiday with just 5 days of annual leave!

Here is how:
Arrive on Saturday, stay on-board your boat from 4:30pm. Get settled and acquainted with your new home for the week.

Charter from Sunday until Sunday – 7 days of bliss.
Fly home Sunday afternoon – and start planning your return.

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