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New Moorings around the Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands new moorings

Here at Whitsunday Escape, we know we live in the best place in the world. We have 74 tropical islands, aqua seas, boats to sail, a laid back attitude and plenty of deserted beaches to explore every weekend. Our staff know this area like the backs of our hands, and are experts in giving you advice on where to anchor or moor safely at night and where to explore for the best holiday experiences.

Now, we have even more places to show you!

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Association (GBRMPA) has been very busy since Cyclone Debbie. Not only did they very quickly tidy up all the bushwalking tracks and island campsites (and there are kilometres and kilometres of tracks, and dozens of campsites on the islands!), they’ve also embarked on a program of new infrastructure as well.

They have installed 37 new bareboat moorings! Some are additional moorings in popular locations, and others are completely new, opening up entirely new places to explore on your next bareboating holiday in the Whitsunday islands. This brings the total number of moorings in the Whitsunday Islands to well over 100!

They have also started construction of three new short bushwalking trails, the first one of which is now open to the public on Langford Island.

You can come for another week long holiday, and have an entirely new experience visiting all these new locations. How cool is that?

37 New Public Moorings

Making access to some of the best locations in the Whitsundays easier, GBRMPA has installed 37 new moorings that are appropriate for bareboats in some popular locations and some new ones too:

  • Chalkies Beach, Haslewood Island – 5 new moorings. Chalkies Beach is one of the few beaches with the same white silica sand as Whitehaven Beach. These moorings are a fabulous, welcome addition for bareboaters.
  • Tongue Bay, near Hill Inlet lookout – 9 new moorings. A very popular mooring spot, for its access to Hill Inlet Lookout and Whitehaven Beach.
  • Cateran Bay, Border Island – 3 new moorings, a great addition to the one bareboat mooring previously there, providing access to a new 600m short walk as well.
  • Crayfish Beach, east Hook Island – 2 new moorings, opening a spot that was previously seldom visited.
  • Saba Bay, east Hook Island – 2 new moorings, suitable in westerly/northerly winds.
  • Cairn Beach, Whitsunday Island – 2 new moorings, accessing the Whitsunday Cairn hike – a steep, challenging 4km round trip that climbs to 300 metres above sea level.
  • Butterfly Bay, top of Hook Island – 4 new moorings, excellent north-facing anchorage with lots of snorkelling.
  • Stonehaven, east Hook Island – 4 new moorings, very popular, well-protected mooring near Langford and Hayman Islands.
  • Sandy Bay, South Molle Island – 3 new moorings, a new spot to explore that’s close to Airlie Beach.
  • Caves Cove, Baird Point, south Hook Island – 2 new moorings, excellent alternative to Nara Inlet or Stonehaven on the western side of Hook Island.
  • Luncheon Bay, top of Hook Island – 1 new mooring, additional access to the popular snorkelling spot.

See a map of all the Whitsunday islands public moorings here.

Whitsunday Escape is very excited about all these new moorings. Customers will have a greater choice of places to spend the night when they next go bareboating in the Whitsundays.

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