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Top 5 Short Whitsunday Island Bushwalks

The Whitsunday Islands are beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. The best places to find epic views though are from the tops of the islands, and we’ve got a list of Whitsunday island bushwalks for you to explore. Some are short and easy, some are long and more challenging. Some you’ll be sharing with day trippers and some are only accessible by private boat or bareboat. All are worth it!


1. Hook Island – Ngaro Cultural Site
340m return, Class 3

The shortest of the Whitsunday Island bushwalks, and the only one with a Ngaro heritage cave site to visit. While it is a short walk up the hill, with some steps, you’ll want to take your time and spend a while listening to the recordings of Ngaro people talk about their heritage, and read the signs full of information about the history of the Whitsundays. A moving experience to dwell on. Part way up the track you can veer off onto a large protruding rock to enjoy views straight down the inlet all the way to the entrance.

How to get there?

Cruise all the way down to the end of Nara Inlet, and on the right hand side there is a small beach with stone steps leading up to the cave. At high tide, the water may be over the beach and rocks, and lapping at the bottom of the stairs.

2. Langford Island
600m return, Class 3

Completed in 2017, this short track goes up the hill on Langford Island via a series of stone steps and excavated pathways. First wander along the beach past the mangrove-lined foreshore, keeping an eye out for the path entrance on your right. Catch glimpses of the view as you ascend the path, before coming out to a lovely flat viewing area at the top of the walk with some seating. Views across to Hayman Island, Black Island and Hook Island.

How to get there?

In light winds and only at mid-high tide, use one of the free public moorings on the northern side of Langford Island and take your dinghy to the beach. Keep an eye out for turtles as this is a favourite habitat of theirs because of all the seagrass off the beach.

Caution: Don’t attempt this between mid-low tide, as coral and rocks extend all the way along the beachfront here, and you will not get through, and may damage your dinghy in the process.


3. Cateran Bay, Border Island
1km return, Class 3

The 600m stepped track climbs up the hill of Border Island from Cateran Bay before meandering along the island’s saddle of native grassland. Enjoy distinct views from each of the lookouts.


4. Solway Circuit, south Whitehaven Beach
1.2km return, Class 3

At the southern end of famous Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, the Solway Circuit climbs up to a natural rock platform with views over Whitehaven Beach itself and east to Chalkie’s Beach, and south over the pretty Solway Passage.

How to get there?

Anchor up at the south end of Whitehaven Beach and find one of the two signposted entrance points to the circuit track along the tree line.


5. Hill Inlet Lookout Track, north Whitehaven Beach
1.3km return, Class 2

The most famous lookout in the Whitsundays offers epic views down Hill Inlet with its famous beautiful swirling sands. An easy walk with only a few steps, it is suitable for children and inexperienced walkers. There are two big lookout platforms at the top of the walk affording beautiful views and the perfect photo opportunity.

How to get there?

Access this walk from either the Tongue Bay side or the Hill Inlet side. Boats are best moored on the free public moorings in Tongue Bay, but you can take your dinghy round to Betty’s Beach on the tip of the Inlet in light conditions.

Caution: If accessing this walk from Tongue Bay, it is best down at mid-high tide as there is lots of coral which can be exposed at low tide. There is one particular access channel. If you see another dinghy successfully making the beach landing, follow their path. The backpacker boat skippers know the channel well, so you can follow them.


More information on Whitsunday Island bushwalks

For maps, track profiles, and more information on each walk, please download the Visitor Guide below:

Whitsunday Island Bushwalks Visitor Guide


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