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Whale Heritage Status

The Whitsunday community has united in a bid to obtain Whale Heritage Site certification. This is an exciting undertaking for the community, for our company, and for our guests.

The number of people wanting to experience whales and dolphins in their natural habitats is set to expand worldwide. But as this market grows, it is important that it develops in a way that is sensitive to the environment, the welfare of the animals involved, and the livelihood of local communities. World Heritage Sites are vital in promoting responsible whale and dolphin interactions in destinations worldwide, giving people the opportunity to enjoy these majestic creatures in their natural environment.

With this certification, visitors to the area can be assured that the region is actively minimising and mitigating any negative impacts human activity may have on these creatures. Here in the Whitsundays we celebrate whale ‘season’ and honoured they choose our region to give birth, nurture their young or find a mate. It is an extraordinary time to be on the water, witnessing Whales defying gravity as they breach, while mothers teach their calves essential skills like breathing and diving.

Hiring a yacht with Whitsunday Escape gives you a front-row seat to nature’s most spectacular marine interactions on offer. Whitsunday Escape is deeply committed to conservation efforts in the area and is actively involved in recording whale activity in the area. We have introduced a way for our customers to participate in putting the Whitsundays on the whale map! Each bareboat charter provides the opportunity to record any observed Whale behaviour while cruising around the islands. This Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) utilizes this data to identify high-traffic whale zones and gain insights into the increasing numbers of Humpbacks visiting the Whitsundays.