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Whitsunday Escape’s Top 5 Whitsunday beaches

There are some beautiful beaches in the Whitsundays that you can visit while on a bareboating charter holiday. Some of them a famous, others not so well known, and on some days, you might be lucky enough to get one of these beauties all to yourself too! You could be the first people to set foot on the beach for the day, or the last ones at night. That’s the magic of bareboating – you get to decide where you go and when, and with whom!

1.      Betty’s Beach & Lookout Beach, part of Whitehaven Beach, east side of Whitsunday Island

Located on the northern side of the famous Hill Inlet, Betty’s Beach and Lookout Beach are heavily tidal beaches. At low tide the sands of Hill Inlet are exposed and these beaches can stretch for what seem like miles and miles. These are the beaches you can see from the lookout at the top of Tongue Point.

The shallow waters are perfect for kids to play, and floating around in the warm shallows. Sometimes you will see small stingrays here too!

Can be very popular in the middle of the day with other tourist boats, but often early and late in the day these beaches are deserted and you can get them all to yourself.

2.      Langford Island sand cay

One of the only sand cays in the Whitsundays, Langford Island’s cay is best explore at low tide. The cay is connected to the island by a long thin sand bar and you may be able to walk along it at low tide giving the impression of walking on water. There’s a bushwalk on Langford Island itself, with spectacular views over the cay and surrounding islands.

Turtles frequently visit this spot and there is some excellent reef to be explored to the north of the island.

3.      Bali Hai, Black Island

Near Langford Island is little Black Island with its extensive reef network known as Bali Hai. The Beach itself affords snorkelers easy entry into the water. Wandering around the island, you will find the beach extends right around the northern side of the island, to a big, usually deserted stretch on the western side of the island.

4.      Chalkie’s Beach, Haslewood Island, opposite south end of Whitehaven Beach

One of the few beaches in the Whitsundays that boasts the same soft white silica sand as Whitehaven Beach, Chalkie’s Beach is another favourite beach that also offers fabulous snorkelling in the right conditions.

5.      Katie’s Cove, Haslewood Island, north of Chalkie’s Beach

Katie’s Cove was used in the filming of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie – ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. Selected for its “desert island” look, Johnny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, and his band of merry pirates filmed here for a few days in 2015.


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