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Whitsunday Healthy Heart Project

The Whitsunday Regional Council, together with the Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT), have begun to develop a sustainable project plan for the region. Joining a group of local operators, whose interest is to become greater stewards of the Reef, Whitsunday Escape have pledged to be a part of this crucial project.

The Whitsundays “Healthy Heart” campaign aims to decarbonise the tourism sector, and gain a Sustainable Destination accreditation for the region. Focusing on creating targets for climate change mitigation, to improve the health of our reef and lead the way towards achieving a zero net emissions target by 2050.

Whitsunday Escape plans to assist in lowering the environmental footprint and supporting sustainable recovery.  By measuring our achievements annually, and assisting with the Council’s aims for a sustainable destination, we plan to ensure the Whitsundays remain unspoiled for our future generations.



There are a number of other projects running in the area, in an attempt to protect the natural environment and its inhabitants.

Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub is focusing on Biodiversity Mapping and optimising Water treatment.

Reef Ecologic’s Whitsundays Tourism Recovery Project commenced in 2018 consisting of coral reef restoration activities to assist the recovery of two location in the region. The project also led the design, creation and installation of 6 Underwater and inter-tidal interpretive art pieces across the Whitsundays region.

Eco Barge Clean Seas keep the Whitsundays clean and rescue injured turtles.

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