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Whitsunday Escape provide you with good charts and cruising guides for the Whitsunday Islands, however most of the reefs and shallow areas have no above water navigation aids.

A basic knowledge of coastal navigation is essential for a safe holiday in the Whitsundays. The skipper or navigator needs to be able to:

  1. Read a chart; understanding symbols and features.
  2. Understand how a compass works.
  3. Plot a course to steer.
  4. Locate or confirm your position using a compass, land transits and depth.
  5. Calculate the time needed to travel to your next anchorage considering the distance, tidal currents and boat speed.
  6. Plot your position on a chart given longitude and latitude coordinates.

If you would like additional training in navigation, book a Training Guide for your first afternoon, after your initial boat briefing is complete.

Our experienced staff can teach you more about navigation to give you confidence in making good navigational decisions while on your bareboating holiday.

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