Dinghy Outboard Tips - Whitsunday Escape™
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Dinghy Outboard Tips

  • Always start the motor when the leg and propeller are submerged and ensure the motor is in neutral.
  • When selecting a gear always have the motor idling at the lowest revs.
  • Keep the dinghy dry, you may get water in the fuel tank if the tank is allowed to float in a partially flooded dinghy.
  • Check water separator fitted on transom for water before starting (to undo twist anti-clockwise and pull down over O-ring- to refit push up over O-ring first then screw clockwise.)
  • Tilt your engine before you approach shallow water (different engines have different procedures do not force).
  • Every dinghy has an emergency kill switch connected to a lanyard. Have the driver wear the lanyard around their wrist.