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Island Deliveries

Whitsunday Escape’s charter base is located at Coral Sea Marina in Airlie Beach on the mainland coast of the Whitsundays.

For your convenience, we can pick up your boat from any of the Whitsunday island resorts such as Hamilton Island and return it back to our base. This can make your holiday flow more smoothly, especially if you are combining your bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays with some time at an island resort.

If you are flying out of Hamilton Island, this can make linking up with flights more convenient, but it does come with some limitations.

We highly recommend you start your holiday at Airlie Beach at our base at Coral Sea Marina. It is much more convenient and we can spend more time with you ensuring you are confident with the boat and properly provisioned for your holiday.

Benefits to starting at Airlie Beach

  • Take advantage of the stay aboard option. Arrive a day before your charter starts to allow yourselves time to go shopping, pack the boat, have a look around the town of Airlie Beach, and familiarise yourself with your boat before your briefing.
  • Get the most out of your first day with the option to book an extra ‘Training Guide’ for your first afternoon, after your initial briefing is complete. Especially valuable if you are inexperienced with boats, or the particular boat you have chosen for your holiday. Also handy if you are the only experienced boatie on board and you want your crew to receive a little extra hands-on training with our qualified staff.
  • If you’ve forgotten anything, food or drinks wise, it’s easy to send a crew member back to the supermarket while the briefing is underway.

Starting your holiday on Hamilton Island

Due to logistical constraints, we are unable to begin your charter at an island resort (e.g. Hamilton Island).

Finishing your holiday at an island resort

  • If you choose to finish your holiday at an island resort, your finish time is 1 hour earlier than at Airlie Beach.
  • There is a delivery fee associated with finishing your charter at an island resort.
  • You will need to sign a credit card authorisation to allow us to refuel your boat at Airlie Beach after return. Even though you pay an extra fee to drop your boat off at an island, this doesn’t cover the cost of fuel. The boat must be full of fuel on return to Airlie Beach, so that it is full for the next customer.
  • Due to weather constraints and availability of marina staff, we require you to spend your final night of your charter in the Marina and this berthing fee is included in your delivery fee.

You can choose to fly into Hamilton Island and catch a scenic ferry transfer to Airlie Beach to commence your charter and enjoy all the benefits of starting your bareboating holiday at our base. A 5 minute taxi ride is required between the Airlie Beach ferry terminal and our base at Coral Sea Marina.

Island delivery costs vary between islands and some time frames may differ. Contact Whitsunday Escape to discuss island delivery options and conditions.

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