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Extra eskies are available to hire if you think you will need more cold storage than the boat already provides.

Please check our boat specs to see fridge & freezer sizes, and whether your boat already has an esky on board, often you don’t need another one.

If you want to have lots of cold drinks, extra ice, have a large crew, or are going for a longer charter, you may want an extra esky though. Please ring our staff if you would like to talk about your requirements and get some advice.

Specs: Eskies are the Techniice Signature Series: 70L capacity, approximately 1m in length and 50cm wide, and are the perfect height to sit two people on. They are designed to remain on the boat, as they will be too heavy to move once full.

Please note: monohulls have insufficient space to fit one of these eskies, and therefore a smaller esky will be supplied.

Esky hire for bareboats Whitsunday Escape

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$80 / 7 nights

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