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Travel Insurance

All charter fees are due and non-refundable 60 days prior to your charter commencement.
This is why we recommend you take out travel insurance.

We have sourced travel insurance policies suited to the bareboat industry.

The Australian Comprehensive Policy includes cyclone cover if booked through the below link, but the policy must be taken before a named event ie. before the cyclone system forms.



Review the Australian Comprehensive Policy documents




Security Bond

As a condition of the boat owners insurance, we require a security bond to be lodged. This is processed as a pre-authorisation on a credit card. The pre-authorisation freezes the availability on your credit card and no money is withdrawn from your account, however you do need to have this sum available in your account for the pre-authorisation to be possible. If the boat is damaged we will then withdraw the money from your account. The most you are liable for is $3000.

Please note that the security bond is a condition of your charter and is not a type of travel insurance.

If you are covered with the recommended travel insurance, you would be able to make a claim on the travel insurance policy for the majority of the security bond should you damage the boat.

We recommend that you buy the Australian Comprehensive Policy which is directly below.

Australian Comprehensive Policy - Australian Residents

Australian Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy is the preferred insurance policy for bareboat holidays in the Whitsundays.

This policy covers:
– charter fees
– inclement weather
– domestic flights
– security bond claims … and more


Australian Comprehensive Policy


If you are a non-resident, please contact our insurance brokers directly via email for the best advice.

Our insurance brokers, Oceanic Marine Risks, want to make sure you are getting the right insurance policy for your bareboat charter and therefore require the opportunity to speak to you in the lead up to your trip.

Email Enquiry – Non-Residents

Bareboat Hirer’s Liability Insurance

This additional policy is designed to be taken out in addition to the standard coverage above as it covers an entirely different range of things. It is designed to protect you from claims made against you or members of your charter party for:

  • Property Loss
  • Accidental Death and Bodily Injury

caused by (or as a result of) your negligence.

Note: the boat’s standard insurance policy will not automatically apply if a claim is made against you for negligence.

For this policy to apply to you, the hired boat or the tender must be involved in the loss.


Weather Concerns and Insurance

If you have any concerns about the weather and your insurance, please read the information on the following page. We’ve answered the most common questions about how it all works and what you can or can’t claim.

Weather Concerns & Insurance