VHF Radio - Whitsunday Escape
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VHF Radio

Radio-communicationWhitsunday Escape monitors the radio between 8am and 5pm, scanning all stations. After hours the emergency frequency Channel 16 is monitored by the Mackay port.

Daily “scheds” are conducted to communicate with all our boats twice daily, at 8am and 2pm. During the scheds, we relay the current weather information on channels 82 and 86, and check the location and plans of each boat for the coming day/night.

At this time we will give advice based on the current conditions to ensure that all charterers are having a safe and enjoyable night and have a suitable anchorage planned for the evening.

These twice daily scheds are your opportunity to relay any important information back to base, ask questions and request advice on itinerary and plans for the coming days.

Charterers are not required to hold a marine radio licence. Charterers are briefed on correct radio procedures as part of the pre-charter briefing.

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