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Whitsunday Provisioning

Whitsunday Provisioning is a local company that has been providing meals to Whitsunday holiday makers for over 25 years.

Their packages are designed to:

  • provide the perfect balance of appetising meals from light & healthy to decadent
  • accommodate different tastes and budgets
  • accommodate all dietary requirements
  • take the hassle out of planning meals for 7 nights
  • restock your boat for longer charters, with on-water re-provisioning service available for a fee

Whitsunday Provisioning Whitsunday Escape


Whitsunday Provisioning offer specially-designed packages, Easy Plan options and even self-select products that cater for all dietary requirements and budgets.

They also offer a range of soft and alcoholic beverages as well as prepared seafood and other platters; you will find that they are a convenient ‘Online, One Stop Shop’ for all your requirements.

Their ‘Easy Plan Meal option‘ allows for the selection of the number and variety of breakfasts, lunches or dinners, as well as  coffee, tea, snacks or dessert packs.

Whitsunday Provisioning take the hassle out of shopping and deliver and place your stores onboard your boat in insulated cartons 7 days a week.

If you are having an 8am briefing, request your delivery for 7.30am on the same day to ensure you can receive it and put it away before your briefing commences.

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