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Weather Concerns and Insurance

Whitsunday Escape use the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) for our weather forecasts. Our region is Bowen to St Lawrence.

Latest Weather Updates

Charters may be cancelled by Whitsunday Escape due to weather or safety concerns (e.g. a gale warning or coming cyclone). Cancellations are not decided lightly and will always be for the safety of the customer.

All charter fees become completely non-refundable 60 days prior to your charter commencement. This is why we recommend taking out the QBE Travel Insurance policy. We have worked with QBE to provide a range of policies suited to the bareboat industry. The Australian Comprehensive Policy includes cyclone cover if booked through us, but the policy must be taken before a named event (i.e. before the cyclone system forms).

Contact your Insurance!

Insurance policies are all different so you will always need to speak with your insurance provider directly to find out what situations are covered.

Can I claim from Insurance?

Depending on your insurance policy, you can generally claim if the charter is cancelled for reasons beyond your control such as:

  • If Whitsunday Escape cancels due to a named cyclone
  • If an airline cancels your flight – you will need to get confirmation from your airline and then talk to your insurance provider

If you decide not to come, this is not refundable by insurance.

Weather Concerns

Arriving by Plane

Proserpine Airport (PPP) may close due to flooding or low cloud preventing the planes from landing. Check out the Proserpine flight schedule to see if flights are operating.

Proserpine Flight Schedule


  • Your airline may redirect you to Mackay Airport (MKY) and shuttle you to Airlie Beach
  • Check if you can get an alternative flight to Hamilton Island Airport (HTI)
  • See if they will put you on a flight departing the following day


Arriving by Road

Heavy or prolonged rainfall may cause flooding to the roads leading into Airlie Beach. Keep in mind that many flood zones are tidal and therefore you may be able to get through in a few hours.

Check out the below links for current closures:

Airlie Beach Access Road Cam RACQ Road Conditions RACQ Road Closures


If the Proserpine to Airlie Beach Highway is closed, take an alternative route via Strathdickie Road.


Stuck in Airlie Beach?

If the weather has left you stuck in Airlie Beach, contact the Whitsunday Regional Information Centre for local advice on accommodation or activities.

Whitsunday Regional Information Centre: 07 4945 3967