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Brisbane Exhibition Day spent in the Whitsundays

Have you considered spending your Brisbane Exhibition Day, lovingly known as The Ekka Show Day, in the Whitsundays?

This is a call out to all of our Brisbane friends –

Are you wanting to plan your next holiday but you don’t have a lot of leave up your sleeve?

Well we have the answer for you…

The Brisbane Exhibition Day public holiday falls on a Wednesday this year (12th August).

This means that for just 5 days leave, you get a 10 day holiday!!

A public holiday is only one day, but a Wednesday placement feels perfect for a long extension.

Take just 5 days leave – the 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and 14th August – and you’ll have the perfect 10 days away.


How to make it happen:

Fly to Proserpine Airport on Friday the 7th and take up the Stay Aboard option that night.

Spend 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday aboard your private bareboat with your friends or family and explore all the Whitsunday Islands has to offer.

Fly home on Saturday and finish up the weekend before heading back to work on Monday morning.


Why should you ditch The Ekka for the Whitsundays?


Swap the bustling crowds and instead explore with your nearest and dearest


Swap the fireworks and instead relax and watch the stunning Whitsunday sunsets


Swap the livestock presentations and instead discover and learn about the tropical eco-systems


Swap the greasy carnival food for fresh seafood platters or BBQ’s on the back of your boat