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Choosing the best bareboat for you.

New to bareboating and feeling daunted by the amount of choice? Our friendly team are here to help you decide.

Sail or Power?

Our sailing catamarans are not just for avid sailors. All our boats perform well under motor,  as they are equipped with twin engines. It is entirely acceptable to leave the sails down on these boats using them under power alone.

The layout of the sailing catamaran may suit your group configuration best, making them an enviable home away from home. Sailing catamarans also offer a trampoline netting on the deck – a perfect place to relax whilst underway or stargazing of an evening.

For those with basic sailing knowledge who love the tranquility of wind-powered speed, these sailing boats are set up for the ease of single-handed sailing.

Alternatively, power boats typically travel 1-2 knots faster than then their sailing counterparts. Offering heightened views from the fly bridge which might be preferable for some sea farers, particularly when approaching anchorages.  The fly bridge space also provides a separate leisure area, larger groups travelling together will appreciate this added space.

Naturally sailing boats tend to use less fuel than their power counterparts, so the financial and environmental impacts may also weigh into this decision.

Maximum Occupancy

Each boat has a maximum capacity, set by safety regulations. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a boat based on occupancy. Whilst boats might have the capacity to host (for example) 10 guests, this typically means utilizing a shared area for sleeping. A double bed can often be created by lowering the saloon table, or there may be small bunks for children that have access via another cabin.

We don’t recommend filling a boat to capacity. Spending a week or longer at sea, you will appreciate the spaces that are intended to be used for meals and relaxing.

Does Brand matter?

There are various brands in our fleet to choose from. Each type has some standout features that may help sway your decision.


Aquila boats offer an open-plan layout with a luxury finish. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable catamaran anywhere. The owner’s version has the master suite across the entire forward deck with the berth on the centerline. A roomy fly-bridge more than doubles the social area and provides a bit of separation so two parties can coexist.

Leopards dominate both our power & sailing fleet. The modern style Leopard’s (2015 onwards) boast a fantastic forward walk-through design. Giving direct access to the front of the boat & allows excellent ventilation throughout when anchored. There are 3, 4 or 5 cabin layouts to choose from depending on the group (and availability).


Our Lagoon sailing catamarans provide a different feel of layout and luxury. Generous headroom and sizeable cabins ensure equal standards for all on board. Lagoons have a bigger look compared to the other brands, but their sailing performance is on par with any other sailing catamaran.

Seawind sailing catamarans have been specifically designed for Australian waters. Their design allows for excellent air flow through the boat. Together with a galley located in the hull, it allows for a large open living area from the saloon to the rear deck. Being significantly lighter than any other sailing catamaran in our fleet, these boats sail extremely well.