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Planning your Dream Whitsundays Itinerary

So, you’ve secured your dream catamaran for a Whitsunday Escape, and you’re excited to cruise into those famous azure waters. Naturally, the next step is to plan your bareboat charter. Exciting times!

The fun doesn’t end after searching ‘boat hire Whitsundays’. Next you’ll be picking your best snorkeling spots, secluded beaches, and secret coves to explore. We love forward planners; so here are a few things to keep in mind before locking in an itinerary:

Mother Nature is the real captain of the Coral Sea, and whilst we are blessed with temperate weather nearly all year round, working with the weather will make it the most enjoyable holiday possible. This is where our team come in…

Our knowledgeable operations staff are here to be your nautical sidekick. When you arrive for your briefing, they’ll give you the lowdown on the most current weather conditions and forecast. Let your briefer know your select spots and they’ll assist in creating the best suited itinerary, making those dreams become a reality. They know the ins and outs of the Whitsundays like the back of their hand and can recommend hidden gems that might not have made it to your initial plans. Trust us, it’s like having your very own sea-savvy wizard on board.

There are multiple navigation tools on-board, which our briefers will go over with you during your briefing, so you can make the most of your Whitsunday Sailing holiday!

We’re not leaving you stranded like Tom Hanks (even though we do have a “Castaway” in our fleet!) With daily radio check ins, our Operations staff are happy to give up to date guidance to ensure you & your crew are in the best spot each day.

And remember, there is magic to be enjoyed in flexibility and spontaneity. At Whitsunday Escape, we think the best adventures happen when you embrace the unexpected. Let the wind be your guide and allow the tides to carry you to new and exciting bays.