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Seven Wonders of the Whitsundays

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and once you’re here, there’s a whole lot of WOW every where you look!

The Great Barrier Reef is, we believe, the grandest natural wonder in the world and is the only one that may be visibly recognized from outer space. The reef itself stretches 2,600 kilometres along the north eastern coast of Australia and it covers over 344,000 square kilometres in total.

Great Barrier Reef view from Outer Space

The Whitsundays are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, making it part of the world’s largest living ecosystem. The islands are commonly surrounded by ‘fringing reefs’ and provide amazing snorkelling locations, as well as ideal habitats for the many marine animals that live there!

Bareboating is the ideal way to see The Whitsundays as it offers true freedom throughout the islands. You are able to explore hidden anchorages, seldom visited snorkelling locations and a have different view for sunset every night. This is a holiday that is purely designed by you and your options are limitless.

We’ve compiled the top seven ‘Wonders of the Whitsundays’ that you can see or do while on your bareboat holiday:


  1. Swim with a Turtle
    Seeing a big, majestic Green Sea Turtle in its natural habitat is definitely a sight to behold and when in The Whitsundays, you can see these guys up close and personal in numerous locations. Swimming alongside a turtle is truly a magical experience!
    – The best location to swim with a turtle is Langford Island due to the high concentration of seagrass, the Green Sea Turtles main food source.

  2. Enjoy sunrise or sunset at Whitehaven Beach
    Featuring white silica sands, turquoise waters and 7km of beachfront, it is no wonder that Whitehaven Beach has been voted the Best Beach in the World! Being on a bareboat means you get ‘after hours access’ to the most amazing locations dotted around the Whitsundays so enjoy this perfect beach to yourself at the most beautiful times of the day or night.
    – The daytime tourist boats don’t arrive till after 9:30am so enjoy the beach to yourself before the influx of travelers.

  3. Discover the constellations
    One of the joys of the Whitsundays Islands is that there is no light pollution anywhere to be seen! This means that you have an uninterrupted view of the night sky and all the stars, planets and constellations that the naked eye can see! Ensure you spend some time on deck at night and enjoy the night-time light show.
    – Download a free stargazing app such as SkyView Lite to help get to know our beautiful constellations.

  4. Bushwalk to the best views of the Islands
    There are numerous bushwalks dotted throughout the Whitsunday Islands. Some will take you on a lovely meander through the trees to a picturesque lookout and others will take you to the top of the mountains which is where you will get the best birds-eye-view of the Whitsundays. Whether you do a 30-minute or a 3-hour walk, every Whitsunday view is breathtaking.
    Check out our latest bushwalking blogs to see the walks available: Part OnePart Two + Part Three

  5. Explore the underwater paradise that is the Great Barrier Reef
    The fringing coral reefs that surround the majority of the Whitsunday Islands are perfect for exploring. You’ll be able to experience the beautiful underwater paradise and see the abundant marine life, colourful soft and hard corals and enjoy the submerged artworks that are dotted around the area.
    Whitsunday Escape provides snorkelling gear free of charge for each person travelling.

  6. Relax on a deserted beach
    There are hundreds of stunning beaches to explore over the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. Bareboating provides the ultimate freedom to ‘get off the beaten track’ and spend some time relaxing on deserted beaches at seldom visited islands.  Escape the crowds, soak up the sun on your own private beach and take in the views!
    Let your briefer know that you’d like to experience some lesser known spots and they’ll be able to give you some local insider knowledge of the best locations to go!

  7. Create memories to last a lifetime
    A bareboat holiday is often called ‘a holiday of a lifetime’ however once you’ve tried it, you’ll soon realise this is a trip that you’ll want to do again and again as it is a different experience every time! The connection that you experience with family and friends is unlike any other and you truly get to relax and enjoy that quality time together.
    HOT TIP – Bareboating is the ultimate holiday in which to ‘switch off’ from technology, so put your phone on airplane mode, and make sure you take some happy snaps to relive these moments for years to come!
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